Voltage Inc. to Release Celebrity Darling in Love 365

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Just a few hours ago, Voltage Inc. made the above post on their Facebook page hinting at a new title to be released. Keen-eyed fans will notice that the scrambled letters spell out “Celebrity Darling“.

This comes just months after the the Japanese version of the title, ダーリンは芸能人, was re-released in 100シーンの恋+, the Japanese version of Love 365.

This will be the first time ever that the English market sees the app version of the game in English.

Though the story is different, as is usual between Voltage’s social and app games, the story follows the same premise: you play a woman who is scouted to be in the entertainment industry by Teppei Yamada for the company Rabbit Promotion. While the heroine in the social version of the game attends an audition in the hopes of entering the entertainment industry, the heroine in the app version of the game is scouted while she it out shopping.

The obtainable cast include:

  • Sho Kiriya (19), rock star of the band Wave
  • Hayato Shiratori (21), a popular young actor
  • Haru Shindo (Undisclosed), vocalist of the band JADE
  • Shinnosuke Ichijo (27), straight-man of the comedy duo Uji Matcha
  • Ryuji Soma (26), a popular actor
  • Lee Ha-neul (25), a Korean actor
  • Natsuki Orihara (27), leader and guitarist of the band JADE

Kyosuke Nakanishi and Teppei Yamada are also obtainable in one Special Story.

On February 13, 2013, Voltage Inc. released the social version of the game, ダーリンは芸能人 LAST◆SCANDAL, in English under the title Celebrity Darling for GREE on Google Play. It was later released on the App Store on the 28th. The social version featured different obtainable men than it’s app version parent and a slightly different story, which included Her and His PoV stories as Special Stories.

Obtainable characters with Main Stories in the social version included

  • Ryota Miike, bad-boy of the band Wave
  • Kyosuke Nakanishi, sexiest member of the band Wave

On November 25, 2014, Voltage Inc. removed Celebrity Darling for GREE from it’s servers, thus terminating the game in any playable form for the English market.

Though the title has yet to be added to Love 365’s in-app Schedule, the Facebook post says it will be “very soon”!

Happy playing!

May 19, 2018
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