Past Events


Our Secret Vacation – Prince Wilfred (9/11/12 – 9/13/12)

Our Secret Vacation – Prince Keith (9/21/12 – 9/24/12)

Our Secret Vacation – Prince Roberto (9/28/12 – 10/1/12)

Our Secret Vacation – Prince Glenn, Prince Joshua, and Prince Edward (11/6/12 – 11/20/12)

The Halloween Night ( 10/12/12- 11/1/12)

The Princess’s Christmas


New Years as a Couple – Coundown for the Two of Us

~Just Joshua and I on his Birthday~

Princess’s Valentine – Secret Chocolate Kiss

~Just Keith and I on his Birthday~

White Day – Share a sweet kiss with him!

~Just the Two of Us Prince Will’s Birthday~

Dancing Petals – A Cherry Blossom Viewing Party for Two

A Star Festival Date -Wish on a Falling Star-

Our 1st Anniversary – The Sweetest Night

Secret Escape Event -You Are the One-

Night Halloween for Princess – Trick or Sugar Kiss

Royal Xmas in the Palace ~your lips taste like champagne~


The only Love Chocolate in the world ~Secret ingredient is a KISS~


Route Summaries

Princess’s Valentine 2013 ~Joshua Lieben~

Valentine’s Event 2014 ~Joshua Lieben~

Princess’s Valentine 2013 ~Wilfred A. Spencer~ -on hold-

Valentine’s Event 2014 ~Wilfred A. Spencer~ -planned-

Princess’s Valentine 2013 ~Keith Alford~ -planned-

Princess’s Valentine 2013 ~Glenn.J.Casiraghi~ -in progress- (request)

Valentine’s Event 2014 ~Glenn.J.Casiraghi~ -planned- (request)

Princess’s Valentine 2013 ~Edward=Levaincois~ -planned- (request)

Valentine’s Event 2014 ~Edward=Levaincois~ -planned- (request)

June 25, 2014