Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY Guides

Here are guides that will help you get the best endings in the respective routes.

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Common Route Guide

Main Story Guides

Yuzuki Kitaoji Main Story Guide

Yuzuki Kitaoji Season 2 Main Story Guide

Ryoichi Hirose Main Story Guide

Ryoichi Hirose Season 2 Main Story Guide

Noel Aijima Main Story Guide

Mirai Kageyama Main Story Guide

Chihaya Koda Main Story Guide

Satsuki Kitaoji Main Story Guide

Satsuki Kitaoji Season 2 Main Story Guide

Hibiki Shiina Main Story Guide

Current Event Guides

Final Event – Sleepless Prince – His Secret Story
Yuzuki Ryoichi Noel Chihaya Mirai Satsuki
Stage 1 B. Are you really sorry? A. The interview sounds fun. A. Gaze at her. B. Let it go. A. She looked relaxed. A. Let’s go.
Stage 2 B. It’s our little secret. B. I wanted to see your shocked face. A. Take her home. B. Agree to it. A. Thank them both. B. My secretary, Raito.
Stage 3 B. Are you guys dating? A. You don’t have to. A. Write a love letter. B. Cancel today’s meeting. B. Dodging the subject. A. She’s just a journalist.
Happy End
February 1, 2015