[Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY] Ryoichi Hirose Main Story Guide

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(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.)

Note about selections: There are three choices for each selection. The best choice will give you 2 points while the other two will give you either 1 point or 0 points. The answers below should give you 2 points each. (Thanks to Esther Ciing for letting me know that it’s 2 points and 1 point instead of 200 points and 100 points).

Episode 1: A Dream Come True
A: Apologize.
A: I shake my head no, too shaken say something else.

Episode 2: Best Laid Plans
C: Don’t give up.
B: “I won’t dignify that with an answer.”

Episode 3: Who’s That Woman?
A: “Of course not.”
A: “Is that bad?”

Episode 4: What Readers Want
B: “I’ll do my best.”
C: “I think you probably are.”

Episode 5: The Writer Ryoichi Naruse
A: “We’re just working together.”
B: “It’s just as I expected.”

Episode 6: Mistifyed
A:”I’m not your toy to play with.”
C: “I don’t really need to go on a date.”

Episode 7: The Trip
A: “If you say so.”
C: “It’s because I’m with you.”

Episode 8: A Party to Remember
A: I Nod.
C: “Of course he’s not my type.”

Episode 9: Riddles
A: “I want to talk to you about something.”
C: I answer noncommittally.

Episode 10: The Scandal
B: “I have no idea…”
B: “He’d never plagiarize someone else’s work.”

Episode 11: A Moral Question
A: Keep quiet
B: “I have to go apologize to him.”

Episode 12: The Last Resort
B: “I had no idea.”
C: “I can’t forgive him.”

Episode 13: Best Allies
B: “It’s kind of a long story, but…”
C: “It’s okay.” (*This choice might show up as A: “It’s okay.”)

Episode 14: Face-Off
B: “All I wanted was the truth.”
B: … Hug Ryoichi.

Episode 15: Powerful Words (Secret Happy End)
No selection

Episode 15: Confessions (Super Happy End)
No selection

Episode 15: The Truth Is Out (Happy End)
No selection

Epilogue: One More Thing…
No selection

February 8, 2015
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