NooBabble started off as a small blog with just Shabby and Elu, where we would rant about either movies or games. We had the idea of a blog for some time, and then suddenly Elu made the blog and told Shabby, “Hey guys, we have a blog.”

For over two years, we continued to thrive on bringing you, the readers, the latest content for your favorite games, movies, and much more. From MOBAs to Otome games and mobile, MMOs and any other possible topic that came our way. Our specific aim was to bring all nerds and geeks together (and noobs) and provide content from all corners of the gaming & film communities.

Our team at NooBabble consists of just us two. While we used to post on a variety of topics (MOBAs, MMOs, movies, Otome games, mobile games and so on) from us and other contributors, we’ve since winded back down to just us two and each settled on our own niches.


Founder of NooBabble and owner of Smite Hive. I focus on bringing the latest content on both League of Legends and SMITE. Occasionally, I will write a movie review if I have enough time on my hands. I love writing, reading, playing games (LoL, SMITE, DOTA 2, Guild Wars 2, SWToR, etc etc), watching movies and constantly catching up to the hundreds of TV shows that I watch.

Co-founder and owner of NooBabble (the name was my idea!). I attempt to post guides on Voltage Inc.’s social games as well as write up T&R (Thoughts & Rants) posts every now and then, which are opinion posts on what’s on my mind at the time. Thought I don’t have much time to write about anything else as I did before, I always try to get guides up as soon as possible. Don’t quote me on any Japanese>English translations! Really, don’t do it. It’ll make us all look bad.

February 25, 2015