[Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY] Yuzuki Kitaoji Season 2 Main Story Guide

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Note about selections: There are three choices for each selection. The best choice will give you 2 points while the other two will give you either 1 point or 0 points. The answers below should give you 2 points each.

Episode 1: The Best
C:”The simpler, the better.”
B:”Welcome home.”

Episode 2: Dark Omens
C:…ask him if he feels okay.
B:”You’re never lame to me.”

Episode 3: Chasing Dreams
A:”You really think so!?”

Episode 4: Round Two
C:…apologize for the other day.

Episode 5: The Unhappy Couple
C:Get close to Yuzuki.
C:”I’m a journalist.”

Episode 6: Under Fire
C:Write the truth in an article.
A:”Are you here about the article?”

Episode 7: Troubled Waters
C:”I’m going with you.”
A:Ask him about quitting acting.

Episode 8: The Right Choice
B:We can think of a way.
A:”I didn’t notice.”

Episode 9: A World Between
A:Tell them it’s true.
C:Smile at him.

Episode 10: Making You Shine
C:Thank him.
B:Run away.

Episode 11: A Night of Vows (Super Happy End)
No selection

Episode 11: Sweet Truths (Happy End)
No selection

Epilogue: Two Rings
No selection

January 12, 2016
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