[Gossip Girl: PARTY] Leon Gouldner Main Story Guide

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Episode 1: New Guy
A: Ask if he’s all right
B: “He did help me on the stairs, I guess.”

Episode 2: Heroes
A: Tell them it’s time to go
A: Watch him

Episode 3: The Time is Now
B: Ask again
A: Go after him

Episode 4: Hidden Past
B: Hold onto it
B: Argue back

Episode 5: Every Me & Every You
A: Ask about the kitten
B: Say nothing

Episode 6: Face the Facts
B: Say you’re okay
B: Thank him again

Episode 7: New Beginnings
A: Follow him
B. Decline

Episode 8: Bonds
A: Tell her you and Fred aren’t together
B. Act angry.

Episode 9: Cold Truths
A: “I’m sure you’ll find someone better.”
B: Say you don’t know anything

Episode 10: Dreams (Super Happy End)
No selection

Episode 10: Secret Garden (Happy End)
No selection

Epilogue: Promises
No selection

January 21, 2016
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