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Things have been looking a lot better for me compared to when I had to drop everything, so I’m taking the time to make this post. Late is late is late, but at least I’ll have this up for reference!

Please keep in mind that I have yet to complete everything in the event, so edits and corrections will be made once I come across it during gameplay or when someone is kind enough to inform me.

new Update 11/7: Late is late, but what can you do? Ranking rewards have been released. Ranking has been updated. There are about 3 hours left until the end of the event. Happy playing and good luck!


  • The event period is 10/25 to 11/8 8:00A.M. (UTC).
  • All six princes are available.
  • Each route consists of four (4) Stages
    • Each stage consists of five (5) episodes.
  • There are two (2) endings: Happy End and Normal End.
    • Upon completing each route:
      • The Happy End route will end with the title Happy End, and the Status page will show “Happy Ending”
      • The Normal End route will end with the title Normal End, and the Status page will show “Normal Ending”
    • In both ends, you will spend time with the Prince.

      • In the Happy End, you will spend time with the Prince as usual.
      • In the Normal End, you will get to play as and read the point of view of the Prince. While the ending is pretty much the same story-wise, parts of the Happy End are left out and parts exclusive to the Normal End are added.
  • You DO NOT need Love Passes to advance the story.
    • Instead, you will have to complete missions in order to advance in the story.
  • Missions consist of both Love Factor missions and Avatar item missions.
    • You can only raise Love Factor by going to the Halloween Party
    • When you add an Event Mate, 20% of their Love Factor will be added to your Love Factors, so it’s a good idea to fill up your Event Mate list as much as possible. Don’t forget, though, it’s best to add those that will help you win parties.
    • If an Event Mate invites you to a Halloween Party, your Total Love Factor also increases.
    • You can not stop being mates once you approve an event mate.
  • The Halloween Party uses only 20 Strength.
    • Lucky 24hrs use 30 Strength.
  • The ending you are able to choose depends on your Love Factors. High Love Factors will allow you to go on the Happy End.
    • Please note that the 2nd or subsequent Prince’s Love Factors to get to the Happy End may differ by players.
    • If you do not reach the Happy End, you can still raise your Love Factors to get it before you choose an ending.
    • No matter which end you choose, you will have to replay the entire route to choose the other end.
  • Once the event ends, you will not be able to read the story anymore.

Completion Items


When you complete each ending, you will receive a completion item for the event.


Based on previous events: If you get Happy Endings with three (3) Princes, you will get a special prize. Each additional Happy Ending you get with another Prince (without repeating endings) will get you another reward.

If you complete all Happy Ends with all six (6) Princes, you will receive a Halloween Night Party Venue!! background (Charm +400) for your avatar that will help you to win at parties.


Early Completion Rewards

If you complete three (3) Princes’ Happy Endings by November 1st 8:00 A.M. (UTC), you will receive an Halloween Date Box. The box contains:

  • Autumn Colored Ribbon Scarf (Charm + 50)
  • Love Pass x10
  • Closet Space x10

    Note: You do not have to complete both the Normal and Happy Ends of a prince to get a reward. If you only complete the Normal endings, you will not qualify for the Date Box.

Please note that your reward will be in your receive box within one week.

Trick Gacha


The Halloween★Date Collection Gacha period will close at the end of the event.

Gacha points are NOT used to spin this gacha. Royal Medals are used to spin the Halloween★Date Collection Gacha, and three (3) are needed for each spin. Only the first Play is free. Royal Medals are bought with GREE coins at:

  • Royal Medal (Single) for 100Coin
  • Royal Medal (Set of 3) for 300Coin
  • Royal Medal (Set of 5) for 500Coin
  • Royal Medal (Set of 30) for 3000Coin
  • Royal Medal (Set of 50) for 4000Coin (1,000Coin discount)

There are three outfits that you can complete, each consisting of three avatar items that you can win in the gacha.


As with every gacha, there is a chance of getting the same item.

Princess Sets

Halloween Fever Set


The Halloween Fever Set is limited to only one (1) per person.

The set contents include

  • Royal Medal (Set of 10)
  • Love Letters (+1000pt) x3
  • Full Course Meal x3

for the reduced price of 2100 GREE coins (originally 2350 GREE coins).

Ranking new

The ranking goes by the amount of Current Love Factors that you have, not the Total Love Factors. If you rank in the top 100 when the event ends, you will receive a special prize. The item will be different depending on your rank.

Reward for the 1st to 10th place:

  • Black Halloween Dress (Charm +250)
  • Halloween Pink Hair (Charm +250)
  • A Royal Style Hat (Charm + 250)

Reward for the 11th to 100th place:

  • A Royal Style Hat (Charm + 250)

These are limited items that you can only get by ranking in the top 100 of the Halloween Event.

You will receive your prize when the event ends.


That’s all I have for now. I think I managed to squeeze everything in here. OTL  If I have missed something, information is out of date, or information needs to be updated, please feel free to let me know and I will do the necessary changes as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Happy playing!

October 31, 2013
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