[Be My Princess: PARTY] New Event Coming Soon: The Princess’ Valentine

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Update: For those looking for information about this event or a guide, I made a new post: [Be My Princess: PARTY] The Princess’ Valentine Event Info.

Update 2/6/15: Wilfred’s, Keith’s, and Roberto’s guides are up!


The Valentine’s Event for Be My Princess: PARTY is on its way! For those wondering: Yes, this is the exact same story as Be My Princess for GREE’s first Valentine’s Event, Princess’ Valentine that was released back in 2013. The only difference between PARTY’s and GREE’s stories (other than the usual changes for the PARTY version) is that while both endings for each Prince were the exact same thing in the GREE version, both endings in the PARTY version will be different, with one ending being in the Prince’s point of view.

Here’s what I know so far:

  • All six princes will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
    • Each prince will have two endings: A Happy End and a Secret Happy End.
      • In the Secret Happy End, you will spend it with the Prince.
      • In the Happy End, you will get to play as and read the point of view of the Prince.
  • Event Battles will use the same system as previous events. By going on Event Dates and winning at the Battles, you will be able to unlock Town Spots. Each Town Spot has a certain number of dates that you need to go on them before unlocking the next Town Spot. You receive the Town Spots for your own Town once you’ve completed the needed number of successful Event Dates at each one. There will be four Town Spots, all themed around Valentine’s Day. Each Town Spot comes with its own Date Story.
  • The Secret Happy Ending Completion Items are different than in the GREE version.
  • Two backgrounds will be available as Completion/Bonus Items. One is the Valentine’s Arcade background that was given in the GREE version for completing all Happy Ends. The other is, if I am correct, a brand new background that was not release on the GREE version. You will get the Valentine’s Arcade background by making the ranking. You will get the new background, named Chocolate Garden Party (Charm: 300), by completing all Secret Happy Endings..
  • Once again, we will have the Royal Early Clear Bonus and the Early Clear Bonus! You will get a mini-Princes avatar item for each one with three Princes on each one.

I still don’t know much, but I wouldn’t put it past Voltage Inc. to begin the event very soon after the current Town Event ends. I’ll update again if I get more before it starts, but no guarantees. I will post the guide in the Be My Princess: PARTY Guides page under the Current Event Guides section, hopefully within the next few hours, and will leave it there until I can get the Event Info post up, so be on the lookout for it!

Happy playing!

February 6, 2015
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