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First off, I initially started this post the day the event was released. I was in a bad mood about losing track of events and ended up starting an hour after it was released. So about an hour or two after that, I took a break and thought that making this post would put me in a better mood. It worked. I even started the post with a (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧. I got it published and went back to the game and I was back in a better mood. And then I find out the next day that THE POST ONLY PUBLISHED THE TITLE. Everything in the post was pretty much non-existent to the point that there weren’t even any previous revisions of the post! The images and all uploaded, but the content wasn’t published!

OKAY! Now that that’s out of the way, here is yet another late info post! Hopefully, this one actually posts correctly this time! OTL

Please keep in mind that I have yet to complete everything in the event, so edits and corrections will be made once I come across it during gameplay or when someone is kind enough to inform me.

Update 5/22: Moar late update is late! The Last Chance Set has been released. Princess Sets has been updated. Less than 24 hours left!

Update 5/18: Late update is late! The Summer Night Kiss Set has been released. Princess Sets has been updated.

Update 5/16: Voltage Inc. has announced earlier today that unlike previous events, you will not receive 20% of an Event Mate’s Love Factors when you add them. Whoops! Basics has been updated.

Update 5/15: Ranking rewards have been released. Ranking has been updated.


  • The event period is from  5/10 to 5/23 8:00A.M. (UTC).
  • All six princes are available.
  • Each route consists of four (4) Stages
    • Each stage consists of five (5) episodes.
  • There are two (2) endings: Happy End and Normal End.
    • Upon completing each route:
      • The Happy End route will end with the title Happy End, and the Status page will show “Happy Ending”
      • The Normal End route will end with the title Normal End, and the Status page will show “Normal Ending”
    • When you choose the Happy End, you will spend time with the Prince. When you choose Normal End, you will spend time with the butler.
  • You DO NOT need Love Passes to advance the story.
    • Instead, you will have to complete missions in order to advance in the story.
  • Missions consist of both Love Factor missions and Avatar item missions.
    • You can only raise Love Factor by going to the Stargazing Party
    • When you add an Event Mate, 20% of their Love Factor will be added to your Love Factors, so it’s a good idea to fill up your Event Mate list as much as possible. Don’t forget, though, it’s best to add those that will help you win parties.
      • Unlike previous events, this has been disabled for the Tanabata Event. new
    • If an Event Mate invites you to a Stargazing Party, your Total Love Factor also increases.
    • You can not stop being mates once you approve an event mate.
  • The Stargazing Party uses only 20 Strength.
    • Lucky 24hrs use 30 Strength.
  • The ending you are able to choose depends on your Love Factors. High Love Factors will allow you to go on the Happy End.
    • Please note that the 2nd or subsequent Prince’s Love Factors to get to the Happy End may differ by players.
    • If you do not reach the Happy End, you can still raise your Love Factors to get it before you choose an ending.
    • Please also note that the number of Love Factors needed to get the Happy End depends on the amount that you raised since choosing the Prince. new
  • Once the event ends, you will not be able to read the story anymore.

Completion Items


When you complete each ending, you will receive a completion item for the event.


If you complete all Happy Ends with all six (6) Princes, you will receive A Blossom-lined Avenue in Oriens!! background (+400 Charm) for your avatar that will help you to win at parties.


Early Completion Rewards

If you complete the event by May 17th 8:00 A.M. (UTC), you will receive a Shooting Star Gift Box. The gift box contains:

  • Gacha Point Card (+3000pt)
  • Storage x5
  • “The Perfect Avatar Item”

The Shooting Star Gift Box will be sent out within one (1) week after the end of the event.

The Starry Sky Party Box

If you complete all the Happy Ends with the Princes and all the Normal Ends with the Butlers, you will get The Starry Sky Party Box as a reward. The party box includes:

  • The Star Festival After Party Message Card (mini epilogue)
  • The Starry Sky Gown (Charm +100)

The Starry Sky Party Box will be sent out within one (1) week after the end of the event.

Shooting Star Gacha


Gacha points used to spin the Shooting Star Gacha per play are 500pt. Only the first Play is free.

This is like the Furniture Hunting Event. Instead of having to complete a collection to receive the decoration items, you will have a chance of receiving the items with every play. You can also receive Storage Space, Love Factors, Full Course Meal, and Jewel Pieces.

If you place the Special Furniture item in your room, the Prince will come and visit your room.

    Note: The Prince will only visit if you place Special Furniture in your room. He will not visit with Normal Furniture.

Pieces of Jewel Exchange Shop


This campaign will end on May 23rd. You’ll be able to exchange jewel pieces you win in the Shooting Star Gacha and past jewel pieces you’ve won but haven’t used. You’ll be able to trade in the jewel pieces you’ve collected for new, cute avatar items.

Even after the exchange campaign ends, your pieces of jewel will not disappear. You’ll be able to use your leftover pieces in the next Pieces of Jewel Exchange Shop campaign. Exchange them for items now or later, it’s up to you!

Exchange items include:

  • The Dwarfs’ Grotto background (500 pieces)
  • Dwarf Dress w/Apron (200 pieces)
  • Wavy Pink Pigtails (100 pieces)
  • Bunny Headband (50 pieces)

Princess Sets

The Star Festival Set


The Star Festival Set is available until the end of the event and is limited to only one (1) per person.

The set contents include

  • Love Letter (+1000 Love Factor)
  • Gacha Point Card (+1000pt)
  • Closet x3

for the reduced price of 300 GREE coins (originally 550GREE coins).

The Yukata Date Set


The Yukata Date Set is available until the end of the event and is limited to only one (1) per person.

The set contents include

  • Love Letters (Love Factors +1000) x2
  • Full Course Meal
  • Gacha Point Card (+5000pt)
  • Closet Space x10

for the price of 1400 GREE coins.

A Summer’s Night Kiss Set


The Summer’s Night Set is available until the end of the event and is limited to only one (1) per person.

The set contents include

  • Love Letters (Love Factors +1000) x3
  • Full Course Meal
  • Closet Space x10
  • Gacha Point Card (+3000pt)
  • Storage Space x5

for the reduced price of 1450 GREE coins (originally 1800GREE coins).

The Last Chance Set new


The Last Chancee Set is available until the end of the event and is limited to only one (1) per person.

The set contents include

  • Love Letters (Love Factors +1000) x2
  • Full Course Meal x4

for the price of 1000 GREE coins.

Star Festival Card


The Star Festival Card will only be sold from 5/10 to 5/23. If you buy a Star Festival Card to send to the prince, you will receive a Full Course Meal. On 5/23, if you have sent the card, you will receive a reply from the Prince.

Each card is sold in a set that contains

  • Star Festival Wish Card for the Prince
  • Full Course Meal

for the price of 150 GREE coins.



The ranking goes by the amount of Current Love Factors that you have, not the Total Love Factors. If you rank in the top 100 when the event ends, you will receive a special prize. The item will be different depending on your rank.

Note: Since it’s a long list, I decided to only list the item name, the +Charm amount, and the rank needed to receive the item. Please refer to the Be My Princess for GREE A Star Festival Date -Wish on a Falling Star- Event Ranking Reward Detail for the images. If needed or asked, I will update later with the images.

Reward for the 1st place:

  • Romantic Canal Scene background (Charm +500)
  • Red Moped from Oriens and Dresvan (Charm +200)
  • Platinum Blonde Hair from Liberty (Charm + 130)

Reward for the 2nd to 10th place:

  • Mascarade Ball Dress from Philip and Charles (Charm +200)
  • Aristocrat Hair from Philip (Charm + 130)
  • Mascarade Ball Hat from Charles (Charm +70)

Reward for the 11th to 30th place:

  • Sailor Outfit from Liberty and Altaria (Charm +200)
  • Sailor Bag from Altaria (Charm +70)
  • Doggy Gondola from Liberty (Charm +70)

Reward for the 31st to 50th place:

  • Black Lace Bustier from Oriens (Charm +70)
  • Floral Capris from Oriens (Charm +130)
  • Green Wedges from Dresvan (Charm +70)

Reward for the 51st to 100th place:

  • Purple Skirt Outfit from Dresvan (Charm +130)

Reward for the 101st to 500th place:

  • Carnival Mask from Philip (Charm +100)

Reward for the 501st to 1000th place:

  • Mascarade Makeup from Charles (Charm +80)

These are limited items that you can only get by ranking in the top 1000 of the Tanabata Event.

You will receive your prize when the event ends.


That’s all I have for now. I think I managed to squeeze everything in here. OTL  If I have missed something, information is out of date, or information needs to be updated, please feel free to let me know and I will do the necessary changes as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Happy playing!

May 10, 2013
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