[My Last First Kiss] Ichiya Misono Main Story Guide

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Note: These answers are guaranteed to get the arrow to the right end of the Love Meter and give you the Happy Ending. To get the Good Ending, make selections other than the ones written here. If a guide is needed for the Good Ending, let me know and I’ll add it.

Episode 1
A: Thank you.
A: What kind of repayment?

Episode 2
B: Ryoko is.
B: Say something back.

Episode 3
A: Stare at Ichiya.
A: Smile happily.

Episode 4
C: Just eating with him isn’t so bad…
A: You might be right.

Episode 5
C: My ears are buzzing.
C: Offer him some tea.

Episode 6
A: Gently remove Hiroki’s hand.
C: Go with the flow.

Episode 7
B: Aren’t you gonna eat some?
A: Ichiya, you didn’t get wet?

Episode 8
B: Finish talking to Ichiya.
A: I know that you’re sometimes kind.

Episode 9
A: (The words won’t come out.)
A: That’s an awful thing to say.

Episode 10
C: I just came to see you.
B: Did you write that?

Episode 11
A: Stick up for Ichiya.
A: Grip his hand back.

Episode 12
A: I won’t lose to you, Ichiya.
C: Get revenge.

September 9, 2015
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