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I have no comment regarding the edited featured image that oooobviously uses paint. :P

Fairy Tail ch. 401: Igneel vs Acnologia

I was tossing and turning, not knowing what to write for the day. And then Fairy Tail finally got updated! The ultimate chapter that I’ve been – that every fairy tail fan – has been waiting for; the sudden appearance of Igneel.

The chapter starts off with where we left off last chapter, the scene of the two dragons, Igneel and Acnologia facing each other and our sweet baby Natsu crying.


And then, everyone was dumbfounded as to the sudden appearance of Igneel and the Dragon Slayers, from their previous throbbing, regaining their composure. Kyouka is seen in the next scene muttering to herself, “What…? What’s…happening? Mard Geer-sama”

And then of course, Mard Geer himself standing by himself holding the book, E.N.D, close to his chest announcing that “The wings of darkness, Acnologia. The king of flames, Igneel. There’s no way I’m letting you get in the way of my plans.” and then a close up to his eyes, “I’ve made some adjustments to the plans. The ones that’ll be erased are you, the forgotten ones.”


After that, Natsu is like complaining to Igneel about how can he just suddenly appear out of nowhere and all this time – he was inside him. After years of searching, Igneel was inside him all along. He interrupted (kind of, since he’s hella tiny compared to the dragons) the fight and keep asking Igneel and saying that he can’t talk later, it must be now! And then Igneel blow some fire up to Acnologia so that he’ll have a bit of time to talk to Natsu. He said that he doesn’t have time to talk right now and that he have a job for him (b/c Natsu is in a guild…. something along the lines of that) and in exchange, his reward will be the answers that Igneel have left him without. Igneel asked Natsu to stop Mard Geer but before warning him to NEVER open the book and that he is the only one that could stop Mard Geer from whatever his plans are. It ends with the usual final statement to the reader thing…


“With father and son battling side by side, the world sees hope once again!!”


Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 118

30 F

The Hell Train

-Revolution Road-

So, the chapter starts off with when Baam was asking for Rachel. Boro, the guy with Grey hair (apparently, his name is Boro… had to go a few chapters back to look for his name), was like asking who Rachel is and that he haven’t heard of the name before. Baam explains that she was just turned into a D-ranker recently. Boro was like how can a D-ranker take over the hell train and Baam answering that it’s possible cause’ she is with FUG.


Boro was thinking how troublesome it was for FUG to get involved with the train but he decided to agree in joining Baam’s team to compete in the tournament. He made a condition and that is he wanted to choose the members. Baam was like, “Okay”

On the way to the next cart, Boro was asking how did Baam know about all this. Baam said that one of his team member is an associate of FUG and then there’s this cute scene of the sleeping Gator!


–flashback time!–

Hwa Ryun was telling Baam that in a couple of months, there’ll be a tournament held in train city with the ticket on the line. She said that FUG might be there and possibly, Rachel. She told him that if he wants to go to the tournament, he has to gather teammates first.


After arriving at the next cart, they found Felix beaten up and her tickets taken away. Hanool was then rambling about how they dare hurt Felix and bla bla bla. And then, Boro was like, why not you deal with them? Hanool was like, “???!!!” And of course was forced to do that. and as expected, he was beaten up too. Everyone was like “I didn’t know he was that weak” and Boro asking Baam if that’s fine. He said that it’s fine, he just needed enough team members and that he’ll take care of the rest. Boro muttering to himself how overly confident is Baam.


The scene changes to Ha Yura, the unrevealed new character who’s an idol, sitting down and getting ready. She is listening to the announcement of the tournament and muttering to herself how stupid it all is.


The chapter ends with a red envelope that contains the hell train ticket, a picture of Baam and Yura speaking, “I’ll see you soon Baam.”



Final Thoughts

First of all, Fairy Tail. Feels like a filler chapter with some emotional and moving scenes of Natsu and Igneel. And yeah, not really much to comment on. But I guess what has been bothering me since like the start of Tartaros Arc is WHERE IS JELLAL!!!! What happened to him, like dude! Where is he! Is he good or bad? (It still feels a little ambiguous to me). And of course, the mystery like since 26783641r6319 years ago of the back story of Fairy Tail. Sure we have bits and pieces of it but seriously, what’s the real story to it? Mavis, origins of Fairy Tail and “The Light” or something, whatever it is called. Oh and didn’t they told the Master to release the so-called “Light” that made like a lot of people go “O_O”. I am very very sure that almost all of Fairy Tail fans, no I mean, ALL of Fairy Tail fans has been curious about this. So… maybe we’ll still have one more Arc…? “The Fairy Tail Arc”????

Next, the lovely, awesome and amazing Tower of God! I know that like a lot of people isn’t interested or never heard of a webtoon? (Yes, webtoons are underrated :P) Well, it is similar to a comic, only that the format is left-to-right (like all korean manhwas/mangas) and up to down. Plus, it is colored and usually is posted on the internet, then printed. Anyway, the chapter feels like a filler chapter, like the previous ones. I was hoping for some major actions from Baam, but I don’t think we’ll get that soon… Like FT, not much to comment on this chapter but who’s Ha Yura? Is she a family of the legendary Zahard Princess – Ha Yuri? Or possible, is she Yuri herself? And btw, where is Urek Mazino? I love love love that guy, he should appear some more. What’s up with like Baam not meeting Yuri from like idk, the friggin START OF THE STORY UNTIL NOW?????  Like dude…. srsly? SIU??? And Koon! Where are you, you hottie! Aahahahaha~ Wow, there’s just soo much mystery in ToG that I don’t think a thousand word can cover it. So I’ll stop for now and will have a rant session next time~

Can’t believe how tiring it is to make a summary. Y’know what? Next time, I’mma just give the link to where to read it and I’ll just go straight ahead to the thoughts (lol).

Welp, hope you’ll all enjoy this looooong post of mine~

September 22, 2014
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