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Shingeki no Kyojin, ch. 62: Sin

So… who’s excited for this chapter? Well, I am!

I’m just going to go straight to the summary of this chapter~

After avoiding death, Erwin, with Pixis and Zackley, somehow managed to overthrow the corrupt reigning fake King Fritz. After announcing the news to the people, with the help of Hanji (spread of newspaper), Erwin and Zackley is discussing something in a carriage bringing them to somewhere, possibly to the rest of the scouting league. It seems that Pixis is not going to be with them anymore… They were also discussing how they came to a conclusion to overthrow the king, saying that this path is going to be more difficult than before….

After that, the scene changes to Levi and Hanji’s squad, the remaining  of the Scouting Legion. Hanji told them the real intentions, at least a speculation, of Reiner, Bertholtd and the mysterious guys in black. Hanji told them that he got intel that Eren and Historia were held captive under a secret underground cave (?). He also told them of a story that there was an incident involving the Reiss family after wall Maria was breached. And so, the story of Historia’s childhood is revealed. Turns out that the nice woman in black hair was her, well you could say, half-sister. As she is an illegitimate child of the Reiss family. I was having speculation about the mean woman who claimed to be Historia’s mother was her step-mom, legal wife of Reiss, and that the nice black haired woman was her real mother, but I guess I was wrong and that the woman in blonde is really her mother. Hanji said that all of the Reiss family, except for himself and Historia was killed when there was chaos and there was fire (caused by bandits) in their church. But he said that it was weird that a church, built with stones, could be destroyed so easily. So he speculated that a titan was definitely involved. More strange is that after the church was destroyed, they immediately build it. Thus, the conclusion that Eren and Historia was under the church. After revealing the possibility that their intention is to let Historia eat Eren, the scene changes to Eren, being chained to something.

Historia was standing in front of him, happily saying that they misunderstood her father, Reiss, and that his true intentions is to save humanity. Eren was saying how this place is familiar. Bla-Bla-Bla Reiss said that it was time to reveal Eren’s father sin. He, along with Historia together touched Eren’s back as a memory was triggered; that after injecting him with weird drugs, his father was killed….. by titan Eren. Not only that, but Eren was the one who killed all of the Reiss family.

Welp, that answered a lot and I mean A LOT of questions….

I heard some spoilers that said that Zackley would be assassinated but I’m not sure and that Reiss asked Historia to eat Eren and she agreed… something along the lines of that….

And next, the announcement that you’ve all been waiting for……KUROKO NO BASUKE SEASON 2!!!!


You don’t even know how happy I am right now cuz I just… omg…. and Hopefully we would see Kuroko’s zone! haha I just can’t believe Fujimaki-sensei decided this!

here is the link~

After the sad departure of KnB and Free!, I was left hopeless, empty and melancholic, without dorky sports loving idiots who are soooo gay friendly with each other, but luckily… KNB S2 WOOHOO!! ((actually is sequel but, whatev))

and that ends this post folks, have a nice day~~


October 10, 2014
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