Bleach 527: Eliminate From Heaven

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Thank you =Nyster7!!

Thank you =Nyster7!!

Thanks ~dflesh!!

Thanks ~dflesh!!


In this chapter of Bleach, Zaraki and Unohana have ended their battle. On the upside, Zaraki has released himself from the shackles that he had mentally chained himself with. The downside is that Unohana is dying. Zaraki insists that she doesn’t die because he hasn’t had enough of the fight yet, where Unohana responds that her duty is done (which was of course, training Zaraki and awakening his full power). Pretty sad though, when he keeps saying, “don’t die, don’t die,” and then screaming it.


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Unohana assures Zaraki that he still has enemies to fight and friends to argue with (cue in the Renji, Ichigo, Byakuya and Juha Bach). She officially hands over the Kenpachi name to Zaraki while her zanpakuto Minazuki dissolves in thin air. (This is really it. ]: -sniff, sob, cryriver-) And then she tells him this: “And more importantly, your ‘partner’ that awakened with you!” It’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!! I was not doubting that Zaraki’s zanpakuto would finally awaken. Time to see that OP bankai!

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Zaraki’s zanpakuto then talks to him (yes, he can now hear it.) Also, I am not sure if Unohana is dead yet. She WAS dying, I’m just not sure if she is still conscious in the moment that Zaraki hears his zan. And right when the zanpakuto is about to say his name, the panels switch to the Royal Palace, with Ichigo and Renji. Noooo!! I want to know his name!

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It’s been three days since Ichigo and Renji started fighting the Asauchi. While Renji passed and is still standing, Ichigo didn’t and is lying on the floor. Although Ichigo says that he can still continue, Ōetsu tells him that he wasn’t chosen and that he is not a true Shinigami like Renji. So you’re telling me that the hero that everyone praises lost and is now being kicked out of Soul Society? Yes, indeed. Ōetsu refuses to fix Zangetsu unless Ichigo goes back home and learns about his roots. I’m guessing a small chat with pops won’t hurt, will it Ichigo?


  • Unohana is pretty much dead.
  • Zaraki is finally meeting his zanpakuto (learning its name, etc).
  • Ichigo has to go back home and start from scratch. Learn from his roots.

I really expect the chapters to focus on Ichigo now and forget about Zaraki for a while. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, but I have a feeling it will. We NEED to know his zanpakuto’s name soon!





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February 20, 2013
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