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Ranked Team Ward Skins
2014 Wards

There will be three wards for the end of season rewards this time around– which one will you be receiving?

These wards are unlocked based on how many wins players earn over the season in ranked teams.

3v3 win: 1 point
5v5 win: 3 points

20 points will earn you the Conquering Ward, which has one tier of ‘wings’, and is topped with a whitish orb.
45 points will earn you the Triumphant Ward, which has two tiers of ‘wings’, and is topped with a light blue orb.
75 points will earn you the Victorious Ward, which has three tiers of ‘wings’ that are gold white and blue, and is topped with a royal blue orb.

For more information about these wards and how to obtain them, click here!

These wards are now available for testing on the PBE! As always, we find bug reports and constructive feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below!

PS. The 2014 season ends on November 11th, 2014 at 12:01 AM PST, so you’ve still got plenty of time to earn these wards! :]

NOTE: The particles for these wards are not in yet, but will be soon! Please hang tight!
Riot KateyKhaos

Triumphant Ward
Triumphant Ward
Triumphant Wards
Conquering Ward
Conquering Ward
Conquering Wards
Victorious Ward
Victorious Ward
Victorious Wards
Balance Changes



Mega Adhesive (W): If Singed flings the target into the zone, it will snare them for 1 second.
Fling (E): If the target Singed flings lands in his Mega Adhesive, they are also snared for 1 second.



Heightened Learning (Passive): Increases Experience Gain of Zilean and nearby allies by 8% and grants Zilean bonus AP upon reaching level 6/11/16.



Rune Prism (W): Removed Mana scaling.
Spell Flux (E): Removed Mana scaling.
Regarding the Summoner’s Rift & Preseason 2015 tests on PBE.

Hey all,

Just wanted to give a heads up about some… unique testing we’ll be doing on the PBE.

Specifically we’ve got two big projects we want to throw onto the PBE – the 2015 preseason changes, and the updated Summoner’s Rift – but both require very different forms of testing. Because of this, we’re going to try something different: for the next couple weeks, we’ll be splitting testing phases into separate sections.

So here’s what you can expect: On some days you’ll be able to play the updated Summoner’s Rift with most of what the live environment currently has (although the 2015 preseason champion stat changes will remain (but not items)). On other days, you’ll be able to play on the updated Summoner’s Rift along with all of our major 2015 preseason experimental changes, including the updated turrets, jungle changes, dragon changes, and more. We’ll be flipping between the two for a few weeks to get extra testing coverage on both, so don’t be surprised if things change on the fly.

It’s also worth mentioning that stability is one of our core focuses here, so you may not see much iteration between ‘phase’ shifts. Currently we can’t really pin direct PBE dates to when you can expect 2015 season changes + the updated Summoner’s Rift vs. just the updated Summoner’s Rift, but if you keep checking back here, we’ll keep you posted on the switches.

You’ll see our testing schedules going back to normal roughly after October, but we just wanted to try something new for this month. We appreciate your patience and happy playing!
Riot Pwyff


October 10, 2014
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