Bleach 526: The Battle

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Thank you Viktor (~Airest27) for letting me use this awesome art!





Let’s get right to it. This chapter was a whole wtfishappening kind of event. It felt much like the previous chapter, where all they’re doing is fighting. Though, Unohana has revealed that she learned healing for the same reason that Zaraki capped his power limit. Not only that, but the biggest WTF moment in Bleach history…. drummmm rolllll…. Unohana’s bankai! Take a look below.

If you haven’t read the chapter yet, read it here or here!

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Best.... bankai... release... ever....!

Best…. bankai… release… ever….!





After her release, things just starting going so trippy. An acid trip, that is. Reading in forums and such, everyone is SO confused at what her bankai really is. I mean, it’s the same name as her shikai, except that it (shikai) was a large manta ray that swallowed people and healed them in his stomach. Is her bankai the opposite? Because at one moment, when they’re crossing swords, their skins melt away; they’re only skeleton. Okay what? That is creepy, yet cool. It seems much like Barragan’s Respira, but Unohana’s zanpakuto seemed to be ooze-like. Maybe acid or some other corrosive substance; she also says that she mastered kaidou (healing) for the fight. Does it mean that her bankai is counter-productive and recoils, errr well, hurts her AND the opponent? Maybe the acid is some kind of AOE (area of effect) ability, where she has to constantly be healing herself due to the damage being done to both parties. Another thought is that the skeleton panel is just a metaphor to Zaraki finally breaking his shackles and reaching his maximum, as stated by Zaraki himself, “I’ve finally… awoken from my slumber.”

Yachiru's shikai

Yachiru’s shikai




Everything leading up to the last panel seemed like an illusion though. They are just bone in one moment and completely back to normal in the other. What is going on?? Aizen!!! Hey, it’s just a theory! It doesn’t hurt to keep making assumptions of what is really happening in this chapter. As confusing as it was, we know one thing is for sure (well…. maybe.. I’m hoping not -sniff-): Unohana is dead. Zaraki stabs her through, what seems to be, the same scar he left her when he was a kid.



Thank you ~nytboy

Thank you ~nytboy!!



This is the same thing we were wondering by the end of 525. But it looks like this might be it, seeing as she said farewell and all. Although, we DID think Byakuya was dead after giving his going-away speech. Oh Tite, stop trolling us! All in all, what a VERY DEPRESSING and CREEPY… AND CONFUSING chapter for Valentine’s Day. Very interesting move there.

Rant: As I’ve said before, offing Unohana is just stupid. Wasting such potential, especially after releasing her bankai, which WE DIDN’T GET TO SEE.. AT ALL?!?!-ISH!. At least explain what her bankai does! She should also be able to heal herself. ‘Tis but a minor wound Unohana, pls. Not sure if I’ll be reading much Bleach if she does die, seeing as I can’t root for anyone else. And Ichigo is annoying! (Yep, I don’t like him.) Okay, maybe I’ll still read it since this is the last arc. And what has Zaraki accomplished so far?? To just wield his zan back and forth? He needs to learn more, I think. /rantover

Next chapter might focus the first half on Unohana and Zaraki while the other might go back to Ichigo and Renji. Perhaps the Vandenreich??








Source(s): MangaPanda; mangastream, ~Airest27 (deviantART), and ~nytboy (deviantART)

February 15, 2013
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