Love Pass Campaign Now Available in My Forged Wedding: PARTY

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Get Special Prizes JUST by reading the main story! You can get avatars, stories, and items!

Campaign Period: 09/22~09/30 16:00(UTC)

All you have to do is read the Main Story using Love Passes, and you can earn prizes depending on the number of Love Passes you use.

One feature that this campaign uses is scheduled Fever Times! Fever Times will be as followed:

9/23 7:00am ~ 9/24 7:00am(UTC) – x2 mari
9/24 7:00am ~ 9/25 7:00am(UTC) – x2 Chemistry
9/27 7:00am ~ 9/29 7:00am(UTC) – x2 Chemistry
9/29 7:00am ~ 9/30 7:00am(UTC) – x2 wife points

Prizes for using Love Passes inclued Limited Time avatar items as well as Mari, Gacha Medals, and even Special Stories with Kunihiko, Saeki, Ren, and Yamato.

Prizes are as followed:

5 Love Passes 『Round Earrings (Gold)』 charm:20
10 Love Passes 『Sweet Story with Kuni』
15 Love Passes 『Floral Headband (Gold)』 charm:30
20 Love Passes 『Sweet Story with Saeki』
30 Love Passes 『Gacha Medal x 3』
40 Love Passes 『Pink Sexy Lips』 charm:50
50 Love Passes 『Sweet Story with Ren』
65 Love Passes 『Gorgeous Side-swept Hair』 charm:100
85 Love Passes 『Sweet Story with Yamato』
105+ Love Passes 『Gold Lace Dress』

You can also earn 1000 Mari when you read 10 Episodes within the campaign period.

Collecting all avatar items will earn you 400 total Charm.


Also! Ranking prizes for the 1 Month Love Anniversary Event have been sent out!

Happy playing!

September 22, 2014
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