Tower of Saviors Weekly Event: [The Ancient Dragon – Water]

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As today was the second last day of the event, and I haven’t got the rare appearance card [Protometallic Dragon Uranus], I’m like “Yeah.. why not …YOLO” and decided to go for the Grandmaster Stage!

Cost: 40 Stamina
Waves: 10
EXP Earned: 5,000 (125/Stamina)
Reward: [Image: 480px-423i.png] ×1

Regular Creeps:
[Image: 480px-067i.png] Glacier Elf
63,167 HP/2,506 ATK/61 DEF/CD 2
Drop: Glacier Elf (Lv 2)

[Image: 480px-087i.png] Alice the Astrologer
??? HP/1,750 ATK/10 DEF/CD 1
Drop: Alice the Astrologer (Lv 2)

[Image: 480px-077i.png] Glacier Salamander
41,107 HP/8,634 ATK/20 DEF/CD 4
Drop: Glacier Salamander (Lv 2)

[Image: 480px-089i.png] Marymount the Witch
35,956 HP/1,852 ATK/10 DEF/CD 1
Drop: Marymount the Witch (Lv 2)

[Image: 480px-107i.png] Werewolf Azure
54,097 HP/3,991 ATK/40 DEF/CD 2
Drop: Werewolf Azure (Lv 2)

[Image: 480px-334i.png] Queen of the High Seas
??? HP/3,915 ATK/??? DEF/CD 1
Drop: N/A
[Image: 480px-163i.png] 05/10 Metallic Killer Shark ×2
325,118 HP/5,459 ATK/404 DEF/CD 2
Drop: N/A

[Image: 480px-564i.png] 07/10 Protometallic Dragon Uranus
36 HP/8,632 ATK/1,200,000 DEF/CD 1
[Image: 20px-ICON100.webp] Auto Conversion (Heart)
All heart runes are converted to runes of the same attribute as the enemy every turn.
Drop: Protometallic Dragon Uranus (Lv 1)
*Rare appearance

[Image: 480px-087i.png] 09/10 Alice the Astrologer ×3
??? HP/3,807 ATK/10 DEF/CD 1
Drop: N/A

[Image: 480px-231i.png] 10/10 Hydrometallic Dragon
254,393 HP/13,990 ATK/101 DEF/CD 4
Drop: N/A
[Image: 480px-232i.png] 10/10 Hydrometallic Dragon Nelaros
1,017,239 HP/27,940 ATK/606 DEF/CD 4
Drop: Hydrometallic Dragon (Lv 1)


It is not difficult at all, to be honest, this GM is a complete breeze. Well, maybe because I decided to go with this team:

Leader: Lv99 PR Idun/ Lv99 Icetoragon / Lv99 PR Faugn / Lv99PR Verthandi / Lv58 GSoF / Ally: Lv99 Pisces

Total HP: 16, 872

Recovery: 2, 144

Total Attack: 7, 250


Leader Skill:

Ultra Recovery – Every turn after dissolving Runestones, Recover HP as much as its 700%

Ally Skill:

The Rigid Armor – Water & Fire – Team Attack x 150%, Water & Fire Damage Received -50%


And of course, since GM levels have increased chance of the [Protometallic Dragon Uranus] to appear, I totally got one:


And the Hydrometallic Dragon? Of course I got it!



For those of you, mid-game, that are afraid to try this GM, try it! This is not hard at all~ Good Luck!



All of the Battle info came from the TOS forums

September 20, 2014
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