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I always have a soft spot on puzzle games, especially mystery puzzle games. And one of the nice games that I have come across is ‘The Jusou’ and the best of all is; it is free!

And this is more than a decent game for being a free one.

‘The Jusou’ is a horror-puzzle game that is currently on android, I don’t think that it is ported on apple yet….

Anyway, you have always passed by this deserted house. 10 years ago there was a family with a son that lived there. They moved almost immediately. But one day, as if possessed, you decided to enter the house….

Alright, that’s the synopsis of the game. You can receive hints by using coins. There are coins provided that are hidden throughout half of the game. And as for the rest, it can only be purchased.

Warning: For the faint of heart, do not play this at night. It is scary and creepy. I myself don’t dare to play it alone in the daylight, so I had to ask my friend to play it for with me.

Link: Google Play

But anyway, hope this game will entertain you~ I think I’ll be posting a walkthrough for this, if I feel like it.

Catch you later!


October 14, 2014
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