Voltage Inc. Officially Announces the Release of Celebrity Darling

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Voltage Inc. has officially announced the upcoming release of Celebrity Darling in Love 365!

Though it still has yet to be added to the schedule, it is stated that the release is “right around the corner“.

Keen-eyed fans will also notice that, with this announcement, only six of the seven main cast will be available.

Too bad for Ryuji, huh?

All other obtainable characters will still be available, which are

  • Sho Kiriya (19), rock star of the band Wave
  • Hayato Shiratori (21), a popular young actor
  • Haru Shindo (Undisclosed), vocalist of the band JADE
  • Shinnosuke Ichijo (27), straight-man of the comedy duo Uji Matcha
  • Lee Ha-neul (25), a Korean actor
  • Natsuki Orihara (27), leader and guitarist of the band JADE

with Kyosuke Nakanishi and Teppei Yamada obtainable in one Special Story.

My source says that Ryuji being released in English is still very likely, though he might just not be available immediately after the release of the title. This isn’t much of a surprise considering that Love 365 is now capable of continuing stories regardless of their popularity or profit.

Also, a reminder: The story written in this game is different than the one used in Celebrity Darling for GREE!

Happy playing!

May 22, 2018
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