[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Akechi Mitsuhide Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: Samurai
I: “Honestly…”
II: “What new duties?”

Episode 5: The Smelly Fish Incident
II: “Please come this way.”
I: “It’s my fault!”

Episode 6: Departing for War
II: “I’m so sorry…”
I: “Is this about the war?”

Episode 7: Importance
I: “Of course!”
II: Get on the horse.

Episode 8: Guests from Mikawa
I: “My name is…”
II: “I’ll look forward to it.”

Episode 9: Odani Castle
II: “Thank you.”
I. “Thank you for seeing me home.”

Episode 10: Whatever I Can Do
I: “I want more time with her.”
II: “Don’t say that!”

Episode 11: Mount Hiei
I: “Let’s go sit down.”
II: “I’ll taste it first.”

Episode 12: Honor or Love
II: Say nothing.
II: Wait for Lord Nagamasa to make a move.

Episode 13: Kiss (Divine End)
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Episode 13: The Object of His Heart (Nobel End)
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February 8, 2016
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