[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Oda Nobunaga Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: The Lord’s Displeasure
II: Give her an easy task.
I. “Is it really all right?”

Episode 5: Seto Village
I: “Where are we going!?”
I: “I’m so sorry…”

Episode 6: Love’s Trap
I: “I think I do understand.”
II: Apologize.

Episode 7: Kanegasaki
II: “Politics or not, I care about Lady Oichi.”
I: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 8: Two Brothers
II. “With pleasure, Milord.”
II: “Okay, so they’re not that pretty…”

Episode 9: The Lord’s Pride
II: “Is there nothing else to be done?”
I: Force a smile.

Episode 10: Nagashima
I. “I want to make sure she is all right.”
II. “I wanted you to have it.”

Episode 11: The Ties that Bind
II: “He told me to get out…”
I. “I only want to serve my Lord.”

Episode 12: Battle of Nagashino
II: Try to explain.
I: “It was a mistake.”

Episode 13: Devil’s Tears (Divine End)
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Episode 13: The Words Denied to a Fool (Nobel End)
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February 8, 2016
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