[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Sanada Yukimura Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: Moonlit Promise
I: “Don’t throw your life away!”
I: “You’ve got it wrong.”

Episode 5: A Man’s Responsibility
II: “I’m thankful, but…”
II: “I want you to talk to me.”

Episode 6: The Meaning of Six Coins
II: “Please let me.”
I: “Thank you.”

Episode 7: A Binding Promise
II: “This is awkward, isn’t it?”
I: “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Episode 8: I’m Home
II: “Does it seem that way?”
I: “I’m happy.”

Episode 9: Sanada Brothers, to Kyoto
I: (That was close, though…)
II: “I wouldn’t feel right about it.”

Episode 10: Bad Omen
II: “Did you enjoy it?”
II: (I know he’s okay.)

Episode 11: A Will to Live
II: “I’m sorry to interrupt.”
I: “I definitely won’t.”

Episode 12: Surprise Attack
I: Say nothing.
II: “But I want to.”

Episode 13: Reason to Live (Divine End)
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Episode 13: The Giving of Life (Nobel End)
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February 8, 2016
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