[Love 365] V.I.P. Room: June 2018

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The V.I.P. Room has been updated!

Wondering about whether or not this month’s Pass is worth buying?

This month, Voltage released a Pop Quiz centering on certain titles.

Questions in the “QUIZ for the 1st week”, centered on Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, are:

  1. How many characters have been released in Kissed by the Baddest Bidder?
  2. What is Ota Kisaki’s profession?
  3. Who matches the following description? Blood Type: AB; Age: 24; Weight: 132lbs; Height: 5’9”
  4. How many seasons have been released?
  5. How much money did the bidders spend on the heroine?

Questions in the “QUIZ for the 2nd week”, centered on Our Two Bedroom Story, are:

  1. What department is the heroine transferred to in Season 3?
  2. What is the name of Kaoru’s pet cat?
  3. What is Shusei’s hobby?
  4. What is Minato’s favorite food?
  5. Who owns the bar the Seasonelle crew frequently visits?

Questions in the “QUIZ for the 3rd week”, centered on Our Two Bedroom Story, are:

  1. On what floor is Paradiso located?
  2. What is Kiyohito’s drink of choice?
  3. What is the heroine’s profession?
  4. What sort of pet does Taki own?
  5. In the Prologue’s illustration, from left to right, what order are the characters sitting in?

Questions in the “QUIZ for the 4th week”, centered on Voltage and Love 365 in general, are:

  1. How many social media accounts does Voltage Inc. have? (Sans PARTY series)
  2. When Love 365 was originally released? (JST)
  3. How many songs are featured in our album, Voltage Main Themes?
  4. What’s the maximum amount of Coins you can buy at any one time?
  5. What’s the maximum amount of Coins you can win from the Login Roulette?

If everyone scores a collective average of 70% or more on it, Voltage will release a “very special prize to Monthly Pass Holders”.

Voltage also teased the release of more info for Anime EXPO within the V.I.P. Room.

That’s it for the month of June!

Interested in this month’s goodies?

Access to the V.I.P. Room and its contents is only available after purchasing the Monthly Access Pass within the Love 365 app ($8.99 USD). Head on over to the app and tap “V.I.P. Room” on the Menu to either access the content or to subscribe and become a Monthly Access Pass Holder!

*Make sure you read all terms, conditions, and question answers before subscribing.

Happy playing!

June 4, 2018
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