[Be My Princess: PARTY] Haunted Castle Halloween Collection Gacha Now Available

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The Haunted Castle Halloween Collection will be open from September 24th to October 7th 07:59 (UTC).

The first spin is free to play and every spin after costs 5 Gems. There are 10 avatar items in the gacha to win, including one special background. Item probabilities are 34% for Heart, 35% for Witch, 30% for Cat, and 1% for Special (background).


Item prizes include:

  • Heart
    • Heart Scepter (Charm: 100)
    • Queen of Hearts Hair (Charm: 150)
    • Queen of Hearts Gown (Charm: 200)
  • Witch
    • Witch Princess Hat (Charm: 100)
    • Jack and Broomstick (Charm: 200)
    • Halloween Witch Dress (Charm: 150)
  • Cat
    • Cheshire Cat Make-up (Charm: 150)
    • Halloween Witch Hair (Charm: 150)
    • Cheshire Cat Dress (Charm: 200)
  •  Special
    • Halloween Party background (Charm: 400)

All collected items together total out to 1800 Charm.

Happy playing!

September 29, 2015
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