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The Romantic Bridal Campaign period is from May 18th to May 27th. The end time says it is at 01:59 (UTC) on the campaign page, but at 8:00 A.M. (UTC) in the MyPage popup, so it might be best to be done by 01:59 (UTC) just in case. Please be aware that you must complete the Common Route before you can take part in the event.



As you read the Main Story and go on Interviews during the campaign, you can receive

  • 1 Couple for every Love Pass that you use
  • 10 Couples for every Level you gain
  • 10 Couples for every Sweet Avatar and Trust Factor Mission you clear
  • 5 Couples for every Normal Avatar Mission you clear
  • 2 Couples for every Chemistry gain
  • 5 Couples for selecting an Ending
  • 10 Couples for clearing a character
  • 1 Couple for every 250 Trust Factor you gain (Does not include Trust Factor gained from being invited to Interviews by friends.)



Collecting Shells will allow you to receive special presents such as interior items and Room Parts to turn your VIP Room into a Bridal Room. In between, you will also receive other items such as Salary, Snack Bars, and Storage Space, along with special stories with Yuzuki, Noel, and Ryoichi as you reach the final goal.

VIP Room Base Parts


You will receive

  • Bridal Floor (1st Level) (Glamour: 20) when you reach 20 Couples
  • Bridal Balcony (Glamour: 20) when you reach 50 Couples
  • Bridal Handrail (1st Level) (Glamour: 20) when you reach 100 Couples
  • Bridal Handrail (2nd Level) (Glamour: 20) when you reach 180 Couples
  • Bridal Floor (2nd Level) (Glamour: 20) when you reach 280 Couples
  • Bridal VIP Room Wallpaper (Glamour: 20) when you reach 240 Couples
  • Bridal Garden Wallpaper (Glamour: 150) when you reach 380 Couples

Interior Items

There are six interior items, and collecting them all will give you a total of 430 Glamour.


You will receive

  • Chapel Door (Glamour: 10) when you reach 10 Couples
  • Welcome Sign with Teddy Bears (Glamour: 40) when you reach 40 Couples
  • Wedding Dress and Veil (Glamour: 50) when you reach 220 Couples
  • Vintage Pink Living Set (Glamour: 80) when you reach 260 Couples
  • White Pipe Organ (Glamour: 100) when you reach 320 Couples
  • Red Roses Staircase (Glamour: 150) when you reach 360 Couples

Avatar Items

There are three avatar items, and collecting them all will give you a total of 310 Glamour.


You will receive

  • Oval Pearls Necklace (Glamour: 30) when you reach 5 Couples
  • Soft Blue Flower Crown (Glamour: 50) when you reach 115 Couples
  • Blue Roses Bridal Gown (Glamour: 150) when you reach 400 Couples

Special Stories


Unlike previous VIP Room Campaigns, you will also be able to receive special stories with the guys.

You will receive

  • Sweet Wedding Stories Noel when you reach 430 Couples
  • Sweet Wedding Stories Ryoichi when you collect 460 Couples
  • Sweet Wedding Stories Yuzuki when you collect 490 Couples

Early Clear Bonus


If you reach 360 Couples by May 24th 1:59:59 (CST), you will receive the Soft Blue Wedding Veil avatar item worth 200 Glamour.



If you make it in the Top 100 at the end of the Campaign, you will receive a Shimmery Gray Eyes avatar item worth 250 Glamour.

Complete List

Here is the complete list of prizes and the amount of Couples needed to receive them:

5 Couples Oval Pearls Necklace
10 Couples Chapel Door
15 Couples Snack Bar (XS)
20 Couples Bridal Floor (1st Level)
25 Couples Snack Bar (XS)
30 Couples Salary 500pt
40 Couples Welcome Sign with Teddy Bears
50 Couples Bridal Balcony
60 Couples Storage (× 1)
70 Couples Snack Bar (S)
80 Couples Storage (× 1)
90 Couples Salary 500pt
100 Couples Bridal Handrail (1st Level)
115 Couples Soft Blue Flower Crown
130 Couples Snack Bar (M)
145 Couples Storage (× 1)
160 Couples Snack Bar (M)
170 Couples Salary 1000pt
180 Couples Storage (× 1)
190 Couples Bridal Handrail (2nd Level)
200 Couples Snack Bar (L)
220 Couples Wedding Dress and Veil
240 Couples Snack Bar (L)
260 Couples Vintage Pink Living Set
280 Couples Bridal Floor (2nd Level)
300 Couples Salary 1000pt
320 Couples White Pipe Organ
340 Couples Bridal VIP Room Wallpaper
360 Couples Red Roses Staircase
370 Couples Soft Blue Wedding Veil (Until May 24th 01:59:59 (UTC))
380 Couples Bridal Garden Wallpaper
400 Couples Blue Roses Bridal Gown
430 Couples Sweet Wedding Stories Noel
460 Couples Sweet Wedding Stories Ryoichi
490 Couples Sweet Wedding Stories Yuzuki

That’s all I have for now. I think I managed to squeeze everything in here. OTL If I have missed something, information is out of date, or information needs to be updated, please feel free to let me know and I will do the necessary changes as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Happy playing!

May 19, 2015
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