Bleach 521: A Piggy Party

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The latest chapter of Bleach is out, 521: A Piggy Party.




This chapter focuses on Ichigo and Renji who visit Hikifune, the King of Cereals. She presents the guys, accompanied by Kon, with an all-you-can-eat buffet. After a small thought of suspicion, they gobble everything they can get their hands on. After leaving to cook dessert, Hikifune returns as a slimmer and beautiful woman. She reveals that she uses up her reiatsu when she’s cooking, slimming her down. Wow! Can we have her cook for the rest of the arc??? She also reveals that her contribution to Soul Society (each one of the Royal Guards has played a significant part in Soul Society’s history) are mod souls. She created the Gikongan, the artificial soul pill.

Hikifune; who knew cooking did this?


The food Renji and Ichigo ate gave them immense reiatsu, which means their visit at the Cereal Palace is over. Their next one is Ouetsu’s, who is the man who gave birth to the zanpakuto. What does that mean?? Was he responsible for materializing them? Do the Royal Guards age at all?! And what have the last two RG contributed?


Gave birth to the zanpakuto?!


I was let down by the lack of SS, especially Unohana and Zaraki, but hopefully that’s on the next chapter. It just feels like there’s so much going on for just a chapter a week but that’s how they keep the manga going on longer, right? As much as I’d like SS, we need a spotlight on Urahara and the gang. We rarely see them anymore!

Read the chapter (521) here!

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December 18, 2012
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