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Bleach 520 (Killers Not Dead) is out and there’s been a few reveals, especially towards the last pages. Here’s a very small and quick overview of what went down in this chapter.



Kyoraku Jirou Souzousa Shunsui

That’s a long name there captain Shunsui… or should I say, Captain Commander Shunsui. We all had a feeling that either him, Ukitake or Unohana would be the new captain commander after the former was slain in a shocking chapter earlier this arc. Most of us leaned towards Unohana “Retsu,” seeing as she’s now supposedly the oldest and strongest captain, but Kyoraku also makes sense. Both he and Ukitake were like sons to old man Yama, though the latter is ill, which would explain one of the reasons why he’s not taken the title. As for Unohana, she’s too valuable as captain of the healing squad and some other extremely, shocking important role. Shunsui has appointed two vice-captains, third seat of the 1st squad Genshirō Okikiba (oh yes, he’s alive) and his own lieutenant, Ise Nanao. His first role as captain commander will be discussed below.



Ichigo & Renji

Ichigo is still at Tenjirou’s, though both he and Renji have been healed. Renji is now conscious and insists that he wants to go on ahead with Ichigo to the next place (maybe a cereal eating party at Hikifune’s). Tenjirou punches Renji, who replies, “You call that a punch? I barely felt it.” This prompts that Renji might be stronger now, evidenced by Tenjirou’s expression.



Unohana “Retsu”

In Soul Society, Kyoraku’s first duty, as he mentions to The Central 46, is to teach Zaraki Kenpachi The Art of Killing. Of course, The Central 46 disagrees and argues that he (Zaraki) is too strong and he’ll cause a devastation in SS if he revolts. Kyoraku is convinced that SS will not be able to stand in another invasion and that he is needed. The Central 46 reveal that Genryuu-sai (Yama), “tried to teach him the sword but stopped after one day for that very fear!” Wow! Zaraki truly is that powerful that Yama feared his potential! After gaining their approval, more or less, someone comes in and Kyoraku turns around with: “The matter of Captain Zaraki, I trust you can see that through… Captain Unohana… or should I say… First ‘Kenpachi’… Unohana Yachiru.” Wait, what?!?! First Kenpachi??? We knew Unohana was powerful, but a full-on beast with a past that only fits a Kenpachi? So “Retsu” was but a nickname and Zaraki named his adoptive daughter (and lieutenant) after the one person he’s ever admired, Unohana Yachiru? I… need to contain all these feels! What a revelation, probably the biggest revelation of the whole manga. Now we know that in fact not every Kenpachi died. Maybe Unohana passed on that name after getting tired of being a blood-thirsty killer and took up healing as her main component? Now we’re all sure that Kubo’s data book didn’t exaggerate her power.



Now I’m convinced that she’s the figure with the long hair in chapter 511. I might be wrong, but it all points to it! All I know is that I can’t wait until I see Unohana teaching Zaraki about this Art of Killing. And can we please get a back-story on them both? Their relationship early on or is Zaraki clueless that she’s the famous First Kenpachi? Hopefully we’ll see little Yachiru on in the action as well! Maybe a pink panther bankai?? Read the latest chapter here.


Chapter 511; Death Whilst Standing


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December 12, 2012
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