Guild Wars 2 WvW Borderlands Maps and World Completion

According to the official Guild Wars 2 website, it has been confirmed that the WvW Borderlands maps will no longer be needed in order to have full World Map Completion. Starting with the next update to the game, that part of the World Completion will be taken out with only the focus being on the normal PvE maps.

During the time since its launch, players must have completed certain maps in order to be awarded full World Completion to any character. These requirements are:

  • All Six Cities (Divinity’s Reach, Hoelbrak, Rata Sum, Black Citadel, The Grove, Lion’s Arch)
  • The 25 Explorable PvE worlds
  • All World vs. World maps
  • The Chantry of Secrets

The Following areas are those that DO NOT count towards World Completion:

  •  Dungeon Maps
  • Hall of Monuments
  • Heart of the Mists
  • Edge of the Mists
  • Obsidian Sanctum
  • Any Structured PvP Maps (Skyhammer, Temple of the Silent Storm, Legacy of the Foefire, etc)
  • Maps added after the initial launch (Southsun Cove, Dry Top, The Silverwastes)
  • Claw Island (Story Instance only)

Now with the WvW Maps no longer being a factor in the completion, it seems like players will have a much easier time in obtaining their full World Map! Though I do wonder, will there be some kind of reward or anything at all for those who did have to go through WvW in order to have full completion? Other players, myself included, have made remarks in the past of how difficult it was to even get the WvW maps due to the constant struggle of the PvP system. These maps gave you no choice but to engage combat with opposing players, and not everyone is about PvP. For instance, if your current server had the misfortune of being on the losing streak during a tournament, you would see the maps be filled with enemies that wouldn’t waste a second in attacking you, making completing those borderlands maps almost impossible and a bit intimidating.

The WvW maps have always been something everyone complained about, leaving many players wondering why Anet even allowed those maps to be counted toward World Completion in the first place. Of course it does add to the challenge, and really what kind of game would Guild Wars 2 be if everything was just handed to you? But in my honest opinion, it just seemed like a way to force PvP onto the players. It was one of the many reasons why I stayed away from ever finishing World Completion until my server was lucky enough to be doing well during a tournament.

This is just one of, what I assume, to be many of the new changes we will see to come with the new game update. There hasn’t been an official release for the update yet, but once I hear more about it, I will be sure to let you all know! For now, if there are any GW2 players roaming around here, what are your takes on this new World Completion business? Do you believe this to be a good change or a bad one? I’d like to know! Please leave your comments down below with your thoughts on this or anything relating to new game content!

March 16, 2015
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