Guild Wars 2 March 16, 2015 Update

Looks like we didn’t have to wait long after all! As stated in my recent GW2 post, there are going to be some major changes to the game. We talked about the new World Completion requirements, but now some other news has been brought to the light! Lets get to it and see what new things we can expect to see in this new update!


– New Features and Content –

  • A new Streaming Client has been added to allow downloading while playing Guild Wars 2. It will be available for beta soon. This clients purpose is to reduce the download size of any new, or first time, downloads of the game itself or patch releases. This will only be available to North America and European servers. China will see a release at a later date.
  • The number of votes required to kick players from a party has been increased to 50% of the party. So for example, if you have a party of 5 people, 3 votes will be needed to kick a player.
  • The biggest news of them all, World vs. World maps will no longer be required in order to achieve World Map Completion. The maps needed for completion are:
    • All Six cities (Divinity’s Reach, Hoelbrak, Rata Sum, Black Citadel, The Grove, Lion’s Arch)
    • The 25 explorabale PvE maps
    • The Chantry of Secrets
  • New Camera settings have been added to the General Options Panel:
    • Field of View Slider
    • Zoom Sensitivity Slider (Controls how quickly zooming in and out occurs)
    • Collision Sensitivity (How readily the camera will ignore obstructions)
    • Removed the Position Slider
    • Horizontal Position Slider (Controls how much the camera is shifted from the left or right)
    • Vertical Position Slider (Controls how much camera height increases as you zoom out)
    • Enable First Person Camera check box. To enter first person, zoom in again while at minimum camera zoom.
    • Adjust Camera to Character Height check box
    • Restore Defaults button

 – Balance and Bug Fixing –

  • Changes to some Gendarren Fields events
    • Adjusted the number of spawns that scale to the number of players during the “Prevent the Centaurs from capturing Nebo Terrace” group event.
    • Adjusted the starting time of the “Reclaim Nebo Terrace fro the Centaurs” and “Rescue the captured townspeople from the Centaurs” event.
    • Damage dealt by the catapults of Nebo Terrace has been increased

– General –

  • A new flashing effect has been added when hovering over an unfinished POI, Vista, Renown Hearts, Skill Challenges, and Waypoints
  • An issue has been fixed regarding some windows not responding to the Enter and Escape Keys
  • The Black Lion Trading Company icon has been added to any incoming e-mails from the Black Lion Trading Company
  • Added a prompt to verify self-demotion within a guild
  • Fixed an issue where some characters could shadow step
  • Changed the Guild Roster location text to work the same way as the Contacts Panel
  • Stability has been changed from a duration stack type to an intensity stack type
  • Mordrem Wolf: Reduced critical-hit damage
  • Jungle Tendril Root: Removed several evasion frames from the burrow skill animation
  • Added chat logging to indicate who is kicking who in a party. Also added a feature that indicates when a player has been removed from a party.

– Items –

  • Rune of Vampirism: The fourth bonus (steal life when using a healing skill) will now function properly after resurrection
  • Rune of Scavenging: The fourth bonus (steal life when using a healing skill) will now function properly after resurrection
  • Mini Kasmeer Meade is now compatible with the Mystic Forge

– Profession Skills –

Screenshot for convenience!

Warrior Skills

Thief Skills

Ranger Skills

Necromancer Skills

Mesmer Skills

Guardian Skills

Engineer Skills

Elementalist Skills

– Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store – 

New Items and Promotions:

  • The new Shadow Weapon set is available from the Black Lion Weapons Specialist for the limited time price of one Black Lion Claim Ticket
  • Three new faces for each race are available exclusively in Total Makeover Kits.

Well that’s certainly a lot to take in! Make sure you hop into the game and check out all these exciting new updates!



March 16, 2015
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