Guild Wars 2 March 31 2015 Update

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This update brings us a number of bug fixes along with some Black Lion goods with a few tweaks!

– New Features and Content –

  • The Player vs. Player guide has been moved into level 3 rewards

– Balance and Bug Fixing –

  • Fixed a bug that delayed the damage you would take from fall damage
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera position to snap when it was used with a horizontal or vertical offset
  • Fixed and issue that decreased the size of the loading screen art
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the field of view from resetting to the specified value when loading a map
  • Fixed a bug that could result in characters permanently keeping stealth on death

– Items –

  • Rings of the Sun-God sold by Qoetl in Sparkfly Fen are now rings
  • Plant Dog Transformations now correctly change characters into plant dogs
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the first tier of spear, harpoon gun, and trident recipes from being discovered
  • Runes of the Adventurer now use the correct icon in PvP

– Profession Skills –

Guardian Skills2

Necromancer Skills2


– Structured Player vs. Player –

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Silverwastes Reward Track from being set as the active reward track
  • Fixed a bug in which using /join on a player queued for PvP with a party would remove the party from the queue

– Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store –

  • The Aviator Quaggan Mail Carrier is now available in the Upgrades category for 500 gems
  • The Mad Scientist’s Harvesting Tools is now available in the Special category for 1000 gems

– Improvements –

Black Lion Chest have received the following updates:

  • The drop rate of Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps have been increased
  • The drop rate of Teleport to Friend items has been incresed
  • Toxic, Deathly, Metallurgic and Taimi’s Dye Kits have been removed
  • The Mini Super Monkey, Spider, Bee Dog, Yeti, Raccoon and Banana have been added as rare drops
  • Glints Winter, Shadow and Crimson Dye Kits have been added as rare drops
March 31, 2015
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