Tequatl the Sunless Achievement Guide

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It only makes sense to include a achievements guide for Tequatl since I made that guide for the full boss. Also I promised to provide one, and what kind of person would I be if I didn’t live up to my promises? ;D

There are a total of 10 achievements to complete for Tequatl, and a secret 11th achievement that doesn’t count towards the meta. I’ll do my best in providing the best ways to complete each achievement so you can be awarded “The Sunbringer” title. Let everyone know you bested this Undead Dragon and have a title to show for it!

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The Sunbringer Title

Meta Achievement: Tequatl the Sunless – 50pts

  • Complete all 10 achievements
  • Reward: Title – The Sunbringer


– Achievements Obtained Without Having to Kill Tequatl –


Have a Seat and Pull the Trigger – 1pt

  • This is the easiest one to get. All you have to do is get on one of the Hylek Turrets. You don’t need to use it to get the achievement. You can even do this when the event hasn’t started yet.


Above the Waves – 10pts

  • Watch for when Tequatl stomps down on the ground, creating those huge tidal waves. To get this achievement, you’ll need to successfully jump over the waves 10 times. Tequatl creates 2 waves in a row, so if you time it right you should get 2 jumps at a time.

Above the Waves

I Found It! – 5pts

  • Once Tequatl reaches about 75% of his health, he’ll start summoning numerous whirlpools around the area. Allow yourself to be pulled under to be transported to the underwater portion of the area.
  • Now you will need to quickly search for a small treasure chest somewhere in the water (it’ll be called “Sunken Treasure”) Be quick because you will start to take damage the longer you’re under. Try looking further down rather than near the surface. Once you find the chest you will be awarded this achievement.

I Found it


Picture edited from Google (dulfy.net)

Tail Flail – 5pts

  • The idea is to dodge Tequatl’s tail sweep, but this is a bit of a toss in the air since simply swimming behind his tail seems to do the trick too (in my case I was able to get the achievement while being feared while I was swimming behind him)
  • He usually does his tail sweep when he’s doing his tidal waves. Make sure to get behind him and watch out for Bloated Creepers!
  • My suggestion for this achievement is to simply swim in the water behind him.

Tail Sweep

Burning Light – 5pts

  • Fire the Megalaser at full strength
  • At 75% health, you want to have the megalaser and all three batteries up and running till the end. They must all be kept from being destroyed in order to get this achievement.

Flawless Defense – 10pts

  • Defeat Tequatl without allowing any of the Hylek Turrets to be destroyed. This seems to trigger without even having to kill Tequatl, you just need to make it past the timer and have all 6 turrets intact.
  • There are 6 turrets to keep up. If you have to, pick up some hammers near the turrets and repair them before they are destroyed.

Stay Dry, Stay Alive – Hidden Acheivement

This is a hidden achievement. Aptly so, it doesn’t show up in the Tequatl Achievements window. This doesn’t count towards the meta and it also doesn’t give you achievement points.

  • You need to fail the Megalaser and Battery event for this achievement. Tequatl will then unleash a MASSIVE tidal wave over the entire area. You must avoid the tidal wave by using the jump pads used to get to the batteries.
  • This achievement is easier to get if you put yourself on a map that is doomed to fail (where there are barely any players here to make the event succeed)

Massive Tidal Wave


Picture from Google(dulfy.net)


– Achievements Requiring a Tequatl Kill –


Slaughter in the Swamp – 15pts

  • Simple enough, kill Tequatl

Watch Your Step! – 5pts

  • Try not to get caught up in any Bloated Creeper explosions. Bloated Creepers are those big, almost Norn looking like, creatures that walk around the area at certain times. Just stay clear of them and you should be good.

Quick on Your Feet – 5pts

  • This time around (if you’ve already done the ‘I Found It’ achievement) you want to keep away from the whirlpools that will drag you underwater.

Power Play – 5pts

This one requires a bit more finesse on your part to get this achievement. Being on a good overflow map helps too.

  • You must keep all 3 batteries alive during the Defend the Megalaser and Batteries event and kill Tequatl on the same attempt.
  • What you need to do is personally visit each battery (North, East and West) during this event. Since this event is done 3 times, you should do each attempt at a different battery.
  • I recommend, so you don’t confuse yourself, to visit the West first, then the North, then the East in that order. Once Tequatl has been defeated, you will be awarded this achievement.

It may not be easy to get all the achievements in one go. You’ll need to do this event about 2 times. You can do these in any order you want, whichever is best for you. Just remember what each objective is and perform them to the best of your ability.

You’ll be alerted to any achievements you get, so you’ll know right away when you’ve completed them all. At the end, you’ll be awarded “The Sunbringer” title for your efforts! You can choose the title by going to your achievements panel and at the top, bring down the Title bar. Put the title on and flaunt your stuff for being a master Tequatl slayer!

February 26, 2015
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