Steam Free Weekend – 1

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Steam’s free weekend includes Saints Row: The Third (also on sale for $9.99) and Civilization V ($7.49). As it does every weekend, the free-to-play for both games lasts until Sunday at 1pm PDT. Also on sale are the previous Civilization games plus DLCs, as well as all the Saints Row: The Third DLC. Currently up for pre-purchase are Saints Row IV (which gets you three weapon costumes from Team Fortress 2 -the Rocket Launcher, The Flamethrower and The Rainblower-  to use in the game) and DARK; I’m pretty excited to play both already! You can pre-purchase DARK now for $33.99 ($39.99 after) until June 28th (15% off) and Saints Row IV  for $44.99 until August 20th (release date). Various other games are on sale as well. For a full list, click HERE. Have fun this weekend!





Dark 4 Dark 5






Box Art Saints Row



Cap 2 Cap 3


June 7, 2013
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