The Red Wedding

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The Red Wedding


It’s been a long awaited episode, for those who had read the books of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones TV series). Just like many people out there right now, I’m drowning in feels!! Our hearts have been ripped out as we screamed at the TV at what was happening.

WARNING!! Spoilers AHEAD!!!


As you all saw, Robb, his mother Catelyn and his wife Talisa were attending the wedding of Edmure and Roslin Frey (along with his bannermen). And to Edmure’s surprise, the girl is beautiful! Wasn’t Robb offered an uglier girl to marry but refused? And what the heck was Talisa doing at the wedding?? In the books, her name is Jeyne Westerling and doesn’t die. I guess the show took a different route with that character. The feast begins as the two are married and everyone gets along and eats and are happy with cake and rainbows…. WRONG!!! As Catelyn is left to converse with Roose Bolton and Edmure and Roslin are taken away for the bedding ceremony (yes, that’s a thing), a soldier closes the doors of where they dined (OH FUCK WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!). The Lannisters song is played and later Walder Frey stops it to declare that he has a present for Robb’s wife. Catelyn then notices that Roose is wearing armor. As she finally connects the puzzle pieces together, she stands up to warn Robb, and then the massacre begins with Talisa being stabbed in the stomach various times. AND THE BABY WAS GOING TO BE NAMED EDDARD STARK!!! SO HE DIES TWICE?!?! WHY?! Y U DO DIS???!!

Robb’s men start to get slaughtered via knife to the throats and arrows start flying down, hitting both Robb and Catelyn.


R.I.P. Ned Jr.

With only Robb and Catelyn alive, my heart raced for what would happen next. Catelyn reveals herself from under a table and grabs Walder’s wife hostage, a knife to her throat, as is tradition. All the while Arya arrives with The Hound just as the bannermen are being slayed, as well as Robb’s direwolf. Arya runs towards the inside of the castle but The Hound stops her for her own good and takes her away. Robb crawls over to the dead Talissa and unborn child. Even with Catelyn threatening to kill his wife if he doesn’t let Robb go and take her instead, Walder responds with, “I’ll find another.” With this, Robb gets up and turns to Catelyn with his last word, “Mother,” before Roose stabs him in the heart. GAH!!!!! I HATE THIS SHOW!!!




Catelyn cries out as she slits Walder’s wife’s throat. After brief seconds, her throat is slit as well and the screen cuts to black, followed by silent credits (you sick geniuses).

RW 2


The betrayal of Walder Frey is sure to stir up into next episode, although the Starks seem to be getting slayed one by one. When will the massacre stop?! Next week marks the season finale and I’m already dreading it, though hoping that it lightens up the mood… oh, who am I kidding? With such a tragedy and two lead characters gone, where is the show going next? P.S. I HATE YOU GEORGE!!! Each passing episode/book we have to be aware of him killing our favorite characters. Lannisters… you’re next! (Except for Tyrion.)


*I’ve painted the blog red in memory of the massacre that was THE RED WEDDING.

**OH, and The Killing is back! Now I’m a bit less depressed just thinking about it.



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June 2, 2013
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