Metro 2033 Free On Humble Bundle

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1st Bday
As part of their 1st birthday, Humble Bundle is giving away Metro 2033 for free for the next 24 hours (21 now)! All you have to do is head to The Humble Bundle Store, look for the Metro 2033 image and a small space to fill in your e-mail. Try using your e-mail from Steam. You can also gift the game to a friend if he/she doesn’t know about it. Once your order processes, you will receive a link in your e-mail to receive the game. Once on that page, you have the remaining 21 hours to redeem the key, so don’t forget to!

Here’s a gameplay from deluxe345 if you’re interested in getting the game. But hey, free is free is free, so why wouldn’t you?!

Humble Bundle lets you buy games at a discounted or bundle price, and gives you the choice to split where the money is going towards charity, the developers (of that game), and/or the Humble Bundle team. They currently support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play Charity, World Land Trust, Charity: Water and the American Red Cross.

November 7, 2014
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