Be My Princess for GREE 1st Anniversary Event: What We Already Know

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Update: For those looking for information about the 1st Anniversary Event, I made a new post: Be My Princess for GREE ~1st Anniversary Event Info~.


While enjoying the perfect anniversary with your love!

So it looks like there was a bug or something earlier today that made us watch the event’s intro animation before the event actually started. Luckily for me, that showed me just which event was going to be the next one. I had thought it would be the June Bride event and, seeing as the next maintenance is scheduled for the 14th, that it would start on the 14th. I was half right, as the event starts on the 14th, but, instead of the June Bride event, we’re getting the 1st Anniversary event. So I don’t know how I should feel about the June Bride event now. I’m really hoping it’s an event that we don’t get until next year, or else we’ll be having the June Bride event RIGHT AFTER this one, and going into July!

Anyways, here you go!

  • The event will be from 6/14 to 6/28 at 6:00 A.M. (UTC)
  • No Love Passes will be needed to proceed through the story.
  • All six princes will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
    • Each prince will have two endings: A Normal End and a Happy End.
      • It doesn’t look like the Normal End is a butler end. It actually looks like it’s just going to be that both ends are spent with the Prince.
  • There will be an Anniversary Party.
    • Going to the party will use up 20 Strength.
  • There will also be an Anniversary Gacha.
    • Based on previous events,
      • Each play will use 500pt after the first free play.
      • The Prince will be able to visit you if you place Special interior items that you get from the gacha in your room. He will not come if you place Normal interior items in your room.
    • There are six (6) special interior items
    • I’m not too sure, but it looks like we’ll be getting something else OTHER than the regular furniture items? (I really don’t want to say what and have it ruined for others if we don’t get them….)
    • Other prizes include
      • Love Letter (+100 Love Factor)
      • Love Letter (+300 Love Factor)
      • Cold Soup
      • Pasta
      • Full Course Meal
    • It looks like we’re not getting any Closet or Storage Space this time.
  • You will receive avatar items as completion items for completing the routes.
    • Wilfred
      • Sleeveless Trench Dress (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Red Doll Eyes (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Keith
      • Floral Peplum Dress (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Floral Princess Crown (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Roberto
      • Loosley Braided Hair (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Napoleon Jacket (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Glenn
      • Pants with Suspenders (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Blond Kitty Hair (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Joshua
      • Colorful Ribbon Dress (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Heart Throne (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Edward
      • Macaroon Hat and Earrings (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Princess Heart Dress (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • You can also receive a Nobel Michel!! background (Charm +400) when you complete all of the Happy Endings.
    • If you get BOTH a Happy Ending and a Normal Ending with the SAME prince you’ll get yet ANOTHER bonus

I’ll try to keep up with the updates and add to this when I can, as well as start up an info post as soon as I can.

June 12, 2013
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