Square Enix Now Offering Two-Week Final Fantasy XIV Trial

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Have you always wanted to try Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but were skeptical of whether it’s worth buying the game and committing to a monthly subscription? Well, now you can try out the game for two full weeks, however, there are quite a few restrictions to this new jewel for interested newcomers.

To start off, you can download the trial client HERE. After installing it, create a trial account within the launcher. You can use an existing Square Enix account, however, it must not have FFXIV linked to it. In other words, you can’t opt into the free trial if you’ve bought the game before and played it. This is for new players only. Below are the restrictions upon joining the game if you’re a trial member.

  • Eight playable characters, limited to one per world.
  • If you enjoyed the game and want to play in the full version as your first character created during the trial, you have 90 days (after the trial expires) to upgrade. 
  • You must not have participated in the beta or another 14-day trial prior.
  • There’s a level 20 cap for being a trial member. You will not be able to level beyond that (per character).
  • The in-game currency for FFXIV is Gil. There is a 20,000 Gil cap for trial characters.
  • Market Boards (similar to auction houses) cannot be used.
  • No trading with free trial characters.
  • Trades can not be initiated by free trial characters.
  • The Moogle Delivery Service can not be used.
  • Retainers (NPCs hired who can hold your items/gil) are not available to free trial members.
  • Linkshells (a form of communication) can not be created, however, trial members can join existing ones.
  • Cannot join free companies.
  • Cannot invite players to their party or recruit them through Party Finder. However, free trial players can be invited to parties and use the Duty Finder (in-game matchmatching system).
  • If you want to remove all these restrictions, you must upgrade to the full retail version.

For more info, go to the FAQ HERE.

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August 1, 2014
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