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Updated 02.14.2014

Updated Heartseeker Ashe

The new splash art for the upcoming Valentine’s Day Ashe skin Heartseeker Ashe has just been revealed. And she’s just shot a cupid arrow at her husband Tryndamere. Quite a makeover from her default appearance. Heartseeker Ashe is currently 975 RP on PBE and should be released in the next week or so. Let’s hope they don’t wait until AFTER Valentine’s Day. I mean, come on now. Remember the Pool Party summer skins?

Now Available*

Ashe Loading ScreLoading Heartseeker

In game:

Auto Heartseeker Ashe 1 Heartseeker Ashe 2 Heartseeker Ashe E Heartseeker Ashe Q Heartseeker Ashe W




Now Available*

Oh, and there’s a complementary bouquet ward too. Priced at 640 RP.




You’ve all probably already seen the image below. If you haven’t, well, that’s Vel’Koz. An upcoming champion from The Void. Although not officially confirmed, it does fit what Riot promised us: “Oh, and keep an eye out for an invasion from the Outside.” A teaser video was shown on several videos of various channels, most famously on Trick2g’s channel. Seeing the pre-visual update Annie in the image below just goes to show how long this champion has been waiting to be released from The Void. Battlecast Vel’Koz anyone? He was seen in Creator Viktor’s splash art after all (2nd image). Mid or feed!

*UPDATE: Vel’Koz has been officially announced!

Vel'Koz updated splash

Vel'Koz gameplayVel'Koz 1Vel'KozVel'Koz Ult


Battlecast Vel’Koz 1350 RP

Battlecast Vel'Koz

Battlecast Vel'Koz 1 Battlecast Vel'Koz 2 Battlecast Vel'Koz 3


Gameplay (without VO)





Velkoz fanart



Kayle New Ability Icons

Kayle New Icons


Winter Games 2010 Limited Skins

Good to buy from February 7 – February 23, 2014

I uploaded the Chinese art to some of these because they look much (much) better (i.e Curling Veigar).


Now Available Scorched Earth Renekton 975 RP

Scorched Renekton


Skins Sale Feb. 14-17, 2014



Champion Rotation Week Feb. 10, 2014

Week Feb 10 2014


Source(s): LoL Wiki, Surr@20, SkinSpotlights (YouTube)

February 5, 2014
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