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Psy’s follow-up single (to “Gangnam Style”) was released April 12 and is already the top downloaded song in South Korea. The music video was recently released as well (April 13). To describe it in one phrase: “Wow Psy!” You released a single and music video to it in just two days! That’s the fastest I have ever seen or even heard of in the music industry… or maybe there have been similar instances, I’ve just never noticed (ha).

In the song, Psy decided to add some techno and I have to say that it’s different for me and I’m just lost for words. It is amazing and I love it but, later in it you hear, “Mother Father Gentleman,” instead of the f-word. It’s catchy and I can’t stop saying it! Even within the video, he’s basically a gentleman but, a big of a troll/jerk gentleman (ha). He’s pretty much trolling every female he comes across and although I felt bad for the girls, there was one that I didn’t mind his trolling towards; instead, they go on a date and eat very provocatively and yet it was funny… well only Psy, the girl just looks… hmm, not gonna say… ha.

The dance in the chorus originates from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra,” also know as the hip-thrusting motion, which is very popular in a lot of K-pop girl groups. I’m kind of getting tired of this dance move but, in this case, I’m fine with it since it’s Psy and he’s hilarious.


April 14, 2013
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