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The show starts off with Kim Bo-Tong, one of the main lead actresses, as she stares away at pictures of Ma-Te, who is the main lead actor and is played by Jang Keun-Suk (who by the way, I’m totally in love with lol). Anyway, she is in love with Ma-Te and can’t get over the way he looks; she likes every thing about him, head to toe. The way Bo-Tong and Ma-Te met was on a bus. Bo-Tong was on her way from school when this (beautiful) man appears before her. She is so fascinated by him that she literally stands next to him while he’s in his seat. Hello! Personal space here!



She ends up just standing there, watching him as he sleeps. Creepily, she even tells him, “If you want you can tell me where you’re gonna get off and I’ll wake you up.” I get it she is trying to be nice but, don’t just stand there right next to him and just stare… do it like a normal person would do and sit at a far distance and just watch him once in a while (lol). Or just stalk him on Facebook like everyone else does nowadays (haha). Alright, so after he ends up leaving, she goes home and can’t stop thinking of this mystery man. Her mother then calls her, asking her to help out with the restaurant because her friend was coming over. When she is about to get the order from her mom’s friend, she realized that she was the mother of Ma-Te; and ever since then she has sort of been in Ma-Te’s life. I wish something like that could happen to me :( I would be amazed if my own mom was friends with Jang Keun-Suk’s mom. I would want to hang out with him like almost all the time… wait a minute I sound like Bo-Tong…. NOOOOOOO!!!! (lol). So one day she ends up helping Ma-Te selling socks and has a hard time selling them, that is until she bumps into a guy named David Choi (who by the way is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, VERYYYYYYYYY cute lol.)


He ends up falling for her even though she likes Ma-Te and yet he is still willing to help her sell these socks. Dang if only I can find a man like him :(

Ma-Te lives with his mom and they are sort of having money issues and they end up moving a lot. He asks his mom, “Why can’t we just ask father?’ But she has a few secrets and doesn’t wish to tell him yet until he is older. Later on he starts to use his looks to get away with things. He’s been dating this rich girl name Jack-Hee:


She buys him pretty much anything: a house, a car, clothes, etc. His mother calls him one night but he ignores his phone to find out more information about this woman named Hong Yoo-Ra.


Bo-Tong ends up finding out that Ma-Te’s mother is in the hospital and that she has cancer and calls Ma-Te right way. When he finally answers, he is shocked to find out that his mother is in the hospital. Ms. Hong Yoo-Ra ends up taking him to the hospital. Once he gets there he breaks down and cries. After a while he leaves to answer a phone call from his girlfriend Jack-Hee and Hong Yoo-Ra offers to watch over his mother. When he leaves, she ends up telling Ma-Te’s mother, “I finally found you and I know who Ma-Te really is.” When I heard that I went to myself, “Ohhhh!! I bet she kidnapped him from his real family and has been hiding him!” But it turns out that the mom was a mistress to Mr. Park Ki-Suk, who owns a company, and his wife Na Hong-Ran got rid of all his mistresses, except for one: Ma-Te’s mom. She dies of a heart attack after hearing the news. Hong Yoo-Ra ends up telling Ma-Te about his father and that he is the son of Park Ki-Suk and that the only way to bring down the wife Na Hong-Ran is to beat her at her own game. Now Ma-Te has seduce 10 different women. The women have all succeeded in different fields and Ma-Te is to learn their special abilities. The first woman is of course Jack-Hee and in episode three she asks him to marry her but, later on finds out that if she marries him, she would end up losing all of her money. She doesn’t want that as she loves Ma-Te so much she is pretty much put her life on the line. But she doesn’t love him enough like she loves money.


So far I’m on episode four and I found out there’s only going to be 16 episodes ha. I really do like this show, but not because my boyfriend is in it (lol).


I watch it because the story is very interesting. I mean, there have been dramas like this but for some reason this one is a bit different. Yes, the love triangle is the same but never has there been family issues quite like this. Well from the K-dramas that I’ve seen. But yeah, I do recommend you guys to watch it. The episodes are uploaded Thursdays on Dramafever and on Fridays on Hulu+ episodes (or sort of since Hulu+ is so random on uploading lol ha).



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December 16, 2013
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