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Video released May 19.

 When the video starts, it has a dark feeling. As Ravi jumps in, the music begins. You see the group members come out with a girl and they’re all wearing white clothing . They seem happy and enjoying life and later on as you go further into the video you see a different side to them as you can tell by the dark make up and black clothing. While the darker side gets close to the woman, they end up being mean to her. They push, choke, (ha) ignore and, oddly stalk her and attempt to grab her at a far distance…

When Ravi’s solo part comes to an end, that’s when the magic begins! During the processes of  torturing the poor girl, they grow out their dark angel wings (oh yeah, they have wings) one by one and the video ends.

The meaning of this video is “VIXX” who are like Jekyll & Hyde but, instead of the story, we know they are waking up as as demons; and “‘Hyde” is about a man who has inner duality (good and evil), turning into a demon due to a hurt of love. Well, we all know why they were hurt: because they were all dating the same girl duh “you stupid b….”  (what? o_O) any who… (ha)

I loved this music video;  I’m at a loss for words about it, as I always am for many m/v’s. I do recommend you guys to go watch the music video and to be cautious because there are a few bugs shots. If you don’t like gross bugs, trust me, you can overcome those scenes for the rest of the video. Watch it below!


May 21, 2013
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