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I love VIXX’s music videos/songs! They are always so colorful & they cheer me up. Their latest music video, “On & On,” was released March 17 & I’m amazed by it. It’s not as colorful as their other videos, which are mostly video game themed, as it has more of a dark/Gothic  tone.  The video did confuse me a bit though; in the beginning you see three women in some army uniforms and there’s a war going on. Alright, so at this point I’m thinking, “VIXX is at war with these women,” and they’ve been captured but, I was wrong. They, the women, are supposed to be their powerful weapons who are supposed to go and save a woman, who I think was kidnapped and tied down to a tree on a different planet. So basically, this video is a find & rescue video. When they finally land on the planet, the same woman who was supposed to be tied up mysteriously starts to rub Ken’s face as if he’s her lost child; and by the end, they’re just there, together with that woman. So, I didn’t really understand what the video was trying to portray.

Other than trying to figure out what this video was trying to do, I did in fact love their outfits throughout the whole thing. My favorite would have to be the one where it looks like they’re in a snowy place. I even like the light-up glasses they had on. Freaking awesome! I fell in love with the makeup and even the white contact lenses. The perfect fit for this dark music video.

The dance moves were okay. There was a certain part of the dance where it looked like they were zombies shaking their butts (ha), which I found quite funny. At the end of them zombie moves, they would put their hands on their chests and then act like they had invisible breasts and rubbed themselves, which freak me out just a little (okay, I loved it).

April 4, 2013
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