“K-Pop Tasty Road” Korean TV Show Thoughts

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The two hosts of this show are NS Yoon-G & U-Kiss’s Eli. This show is basically about what the famous K-pop stars like to eat, their favorite restaurants, or just places where they like to hang out; they even discuss on how they hide relationships from the paparazzi. But, sad to say that there are only 8 episodes :(. Hopefully they make another season of this show because I can’t get enough of it! I want to learn more!

So within this show, Eli & Yoon-G, aside from showing their favorite restaurants, they also explain how healthy the food is for you. While they’re doing this, they play mini games and whoever wins gets a special treat, like food or a body massage.

I would recommend this show for noobie K-pop fans out there because you will learn a lot from it; you even get to see the silly sides of Eli & Yoon-G.


April 8, 2013
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