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      When I first saw this show, I admit, I was so confused on what the story was going to be about that I gave up on the first episode. After a couple of weeks I decided to give this another go; well, I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed it. The show centers on 18-year-old Cha Eun-Sang who lives with her mother who is mute. Her mother has been a housekeeper for 3 years and Cha Eun-Sang works multiple jobs to support the family. Cha Eun-Sang has an older sister studying in America, who one day calls saying she is getting married and needs money for the wedding. Cha Eun-Sang doesn’t want to live the poor life anymore so she decides to go live with her older sister only to be shocked when she sees that her sister lives in a filthy house and lied about getting married. Later on she ends up finding her sister at her job to give her the money her mother gave her for the wedding. She asks her why she lied about the whole thing but her sister only ignores every word and runs off with the money, leaving Cha Eun-Sang with nothing but tears.

                   My take? If I were Cha Eun-Sang, I would’ve chased my sister down and maybe beat the crap out of her and bring her back home (ha). Now Cha Eun-Sang has no place to go, but then she bumps into someone named Kim Tan, whose weird friend runs up to Cha Eun-Sang to look into her luggage and found some white substance. He thought it was a type of drug but what it really was was powder grain to make traditional Korean drinks. Not knowing this, he snorted the powder grain and ended up having a bad reaction to it. He was sent to the hospital and the cops confiscated Eun-sang’s passport while they figure out what the powder is. Because of this, Kim Tan lets her stay at his place.

Though generous, Kim Tan has a few secrets of his own. He is engaged to a woman who ends up showing up at his place while Cha Eun-Sang is staying.  She kicks Cha out of the house but Kim Tan goes after her and tells her in third person, “Do I like you?” (I was like really???? Ugh! Not another love triangle shit; that’s like in every K-drama haha.)

Later on, Eun-Sang ends up going back to South Korea to find out she is homeless and ends up living at her mother’s workplace (house) and becomes a house maid. A day after she left, Tan ends up going back to his old home and can’t stop thinking about Eun-Sang. He starts see her in his house, only to find out she is living in the same house as him. After hanging around her quite often, Tan’s father notices and decides to send her (Eun-sang) to a private school where all these rich kids would pick on her and keep telling her she and Tan can never be together. Of course, Tan thinks otherwise.

       I’m not finished with this show but I hear that it’s already over. :( WHY!!!!!!! I just barely started watching it! I’m on Episode 11 and not finished with it but dang, I really do regret not watching this show when it first started. My whole thoughts of this show changed from my original ones. I do recommend you guys to watch this series.




Stars: Min-ho LeeShin-Hye ParkWoo-bin Kim 

20 episodes – Season 1

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December 14, 2013
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