Winter Is Coming

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Regifted Amumu

The old Snowdown skins are coming back for a limited time, along with three new skins for Lulu, Singed and Sivir!

The following slideshow contains the old Snowdown skins coming. I really want to catch the  Teemo, Ziggs and Amumu Snowdown skins before they’re gone!



Snow Day Singed – 975 RP

Snowday SingedSnowday Singed GPSnowday Singed E



Snowstorm Sivir – 975 RP

Snowstorm SivirSnowstorm Sivir GP Snowstorm Sivir Recall Snowstorm Sivir Ult


Winter Wonder Lulu – 975 RP

Winter Wonder LuluWinter Wonder Lulu GPWinter Wonder Lulu RecallWinter Wonder Lulu ShieldWinter Wonder Lulu Ult 




Old Snowdown ward skins will also be released (limited) and two new ward skins: The Season 3 ward skin and the Candycane (want) ward skin.

Snowdown Ward Skins



Summoner Spell Icons



I know you’ve all already read all this, but I just decided to pile it up in one post. There’s also a skins sale going on for Neon Strike Vi, Acolyte Lee Sin and Desperada Cassiopeia for a limited time.

Skins Sale



Also Riot… still waiting for that 1v1/2v2 game mode. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere.

Patient Bear Patiently Waiting 1

Sources: MachinimaRealm, Surrender@20

December 8, 2013
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