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Earlier today, logging in to your My Page in My Forged Wedding: PARTY gave you a popup saying that you’ve received Day 1’s reward for the 200 Login Challenge!!. They later posted on the TOP page’s News section that, as of 11:00 A.M. (UTC) today, the “200 Days Challenge” has begun. By logging in every day for 200 days, you will receive a special item in your Gift Box for every 10 days.

The first reward you receive is a New Wife Welcome Board worth 50 Charm (with, funny enough, “Just Fake Married” written on it).

You can access the 200 Login Challenge!! page either through the announcement page or by scrolling to the bottom of your My Page and tapping “Check Login Number”. On the page, you will see your Login Number along with what bonus you have received for that day. Right below the bonus, there is a row of items under the specific Login days that need to be reached in order to receive the item. Below that row is a list of items you will receive at 50, 100, and 200 logins (images of these items will be added next week). Currently showing items are

Day 1 New Wife Welcome Board
Day 10 Aroma Massage (Up 100 Points)
Day 20 Aroma Massage + Love Passes
Day 30 Gacha Medal x 1
Day 40 Cooking Lesson (Up 1000 Points)
Day 50 50 Day Anniversary Board
Day 60 Login Special Set 1
Day 70  Gacha Medal x 2
Day 80  Gacha Pt 1000
Day 90 Login Special Set 2
Day 100 100 Day Anniversary Bear Couple
Day 200 200 Day Mini-Husbands

There is not much information about the campaign, such as to why we are having it or if missing one day will make us miss out on an item, though I suspect it has to do with the “anniversary” theme. I will try to update as new info is released.

Happy playing!

September 11, 2014
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