[Be My Princess: PARTY] Joshua Lieben Main Story Guide

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Episode 1: Designer with a Deadline
B: Show him the letter
B: Really?

Episode 2: An Accidental Kiss!?
A: Say something
A: Talk to Prince Joshua

Episode 3: The Unbreakable Contract
B: How much is it?
A: Does my dress look strange?

Episode 4: Rules of Engagement
A: Ask him which animals.
B: Assume you imagined it.

Episode 5: A Proper Marriage
A: Burst out laughing.
B: Ask him about his childhood.

Episode 6: An Unnerving Shadow
A: Turn back.
B: Talk to him about it.

Episode 7: The Prince Next Door
A: Stand your ground.
A: Sorry.

Episode 8: On the Moonlit Balcony
B: Ask about the language of flowers.
A: Apologize

Episode 9: A Goodwill Summit?!
A: Ask Jan.
A: Offer to sleep in a sleeping bag.

Episode 10: Secret Date in the City
A: Thank you.
B: Please don’t tell anybody we were here.

Episode 11: The One I Want to Protect
A: Tell him that those are outfits for the royal couple.
B: It’s a shop selling sausages.

Episode 12: Voices in My Head
B: I’m sorry, I’m not ready.
A: Answer it in shock.

Episode 13: The Hands We Held
B: Go to the manor gate
A: It wasn’t your fault.

Episode 14: The Disgraced Princess
A: Call your parents.
A: Chase after him.

Episode 15: A Steadfast Heart
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Epilogue: A True Princess
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November 17, 2014
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