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The Season 1 winning team is finally getting their very own skins. Janna, Corki, Gragas, Karthus and Jarvan IV have all received Fnatic skins, like the previous SKT T1 and TPA skins. They will all share the same splash screen.

Fnatic was the first to rise to the top in the first competitive season of League of Legends. xPeke, Shushei, CyanideFI, LamiaZealot and Mellisan, this is for you guys! :D

LET’S HEAR IT FOR FNATIC! Champions they have used in their climb to the top are representing the team in their new digs! Check them out!

NOTE: We’re aware their animations seem a little jittery, we’ll be sure to clean that up :D

  • Fnatic Karthus – He’s got an awesome new Fnatic robe and a mini Champ’s Cup on his staff!
  • Fnatic Jarvan IV – Along with a new Fnatic outfit, he’s got a new lance and a nice Fnatic fan flag on his (E) Demacian Standard!
  • Fnatic Gragas – This dude gets to carry around the Champ’s Cup! Does he remind you of anyone? :D He also get the cup “thunk!” sound after autoattacking with his (W) Drunken Rage! Note: We’re working on getting the “thunk!” sound to play on tower hits, along with adding some tech to make that Champ Cup shiny! Hang tight!
  • Fnatic Corki – He’s got state if the art gaming gear on his aircraft, ready and able to win any game!
  • Fnatic Janna – This lady has the most team spirit by having the Fnatic logo right on top of her staff!

As players who get the first look at these in-progress skins, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on the Fnatic Set! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :)

See you on the Rift!”

Fnatic Splash Art
Fnatic Janna – 750 RP

Janna 6

Fnatic Janna Poses 2

W - Zephyr

W – Zephyr


Fnatic Corki – 750 RP

Corki 6

Fnatic Corki Poses


Fnatic Gragas – 750 RP

Gragas 6

Fnatic Gragas Poses


Fnatic Karthus – 750 RP

Karthus 6

Fnatic Karthus Poses


Fnatic Jarvan IV – 750 RP

Jarvan 6

Fnatic Jarvan IV Poses

September 11, 2014
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