Voltage Inc. to Release Star-Crossed Myth in February

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“What happens when you wish upon a star?”

In the night sky full of stars farther than the eye can see,
one beautiful shooting star suddenly appears before you…

This spring, the heavens have something amazing in store for you.

Today, Voltage Inc. announced on their Facebook page that Star-Crossed Myth will be released in February.

Voltage Inc. first hinted at it’s release back at the end of October 2014 during their Full Moon Campaign, where early buyers were able to read an unfinalized Prologue of the game for a limited time in Enchanted in the Moonlight’s Sub Story, A Moonlight Celebration.

It looks like a lot of fans were disappointed to see that the game wasn’t set to be released in January as they anticipated. As far as I’m aware, though, there was no official indication of a January release in either the promotions or the unfinalized Prologue. Everything only said that it was going to be a 2015 release with no specific month being mentioned (though I think I remember seeing “early 2015” somewhere, but don’t quote me on that).

Leon’s Main Story, Epilogue, and His PoV will be available upon release with his Sequel and Sequel Epilogue scheduled to be released later in February. There will be an Early Bird Campaign for both sets of releases. Scorpio’s stories will be released in March.

Update 1/26/15: OP has been released!

Be sure to keep your eyes open for any more announcements on Voltage Inc.’s Facebook page!

Happy playing!

January 19, 2015
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