[Be My Princess: PARTY] Throwback Gacha: The Ambitious Princess’s Ballroom Debut Collection Gacha Returns Until March 31st

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The Ballroom Debut Collection has been reopened until March 31st 7:59 (UTC).

The first spin is free to play and every spin after costs 5 Gems. If you have previously used up the free spin during the gacha’s initial release, then you will not get another free spin. There are ten avatar items in the gacha to win, including one special background. Item probabilities are 70% for Normal, 29% for Rare, and 1% for Special (background).

ballroom-debut-collection-prizeItem prizes include:

  • Normal
    • Gorgeous Pearl Earrings (Charm: 70)
    • Royal Ribbon Gloves (Charm: 50)
    • Black Parasol (Charm: 70)
    • Yellow Pearl Necklace (Charm: 70)
    • Red Plumed Hat (Charm: 100)
    • White Rose Headdress (Charm: 100)
  • Rare
    • Barrel-Curled Hair (Brown) (Charm: 150)
    • Doll-Styled Hair (Blonde) (Charm: 150)
    • Red & Black Ballgown (Charm: 250)
    • Simple Blue Ballgown (Charm: 250)
  • Special
    • Ballroom Background (Charm: 400)

All collected items together total out to 1640 Charm.

Happy playing!

March 6, 2015
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